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NFC championship game two guys that were backups playing in the NFC championship game, and it wasn't the both of the starters got knocked out the week before or got knocked out in the first half the rankings basically played now what their second third string. Quarterback virtually entire season. Sam. Bradford goes down to the Bridgewater goes down and keenum steps in and plays the whole season and plays really well well enough that he gets himself a contract in Denver, Nick foles. We saw Carson Wentz get his knee, busted up here, the Coliseum, and he comes in and plays really, really well for the remainder Super Bowl, MVP beats, Tom Brady, and the Super Bowl and not just, hey, I'm out here and turn around hand behind me. He sat there catching touchdown passes. I mean, it was it's an incredibly important position in a, like what you said about the fit is it's not that Sean Manion can't play quarterback in this league. Right? The question is I don't know if he can play quarterback in this offense that it's the requires a certain amount of touch. It requires a certain amount of athletic ability to get out and throw on the run things that Jared Goff has been more than capable of doing, and it requires just the understanding of all the moving parts would. Jared Goff has a good grasp of right now. I don't know if Manion does it. Just it doesn't feel like the idea, closing my eyes and picturing that little boot where he comes around and tries to hit Todd Gurley. I'm not loving that because he's gonna blow it through Todd girlies hands. He's gonna throw him a ninety. Eight mile an hour fastball from four yards away. Or if they take that away, he's not running or beating anybody to the corner and he's not sure saw that. Yeah, he's not beating anybody to the corner. He is not fleet afoot. No, no, the Rams cut another check today, another one, but not to that guy. We'll talk about it next after ESPN LA Travis Rodgers. Kirk Morrison with you this afternoon. Travis Rodgers on Twitter at curt Borsen on Twitter, right? You can fish shows, interactive man, let them know he came up with both of those on our own. He did a lot of people get mad because they can't use their name like at t- Raj award two once. Once you know exactly. I'm Jack Morrison, Morrison bomb. Go back two years when we were doing our first training has pry early July twenty seventeen, right. Yep. Give or take. Okay. So early July camp. Yeah. No, sixteen not. You're right. I really sixteen last training camp. I know we can't go back there because we weren't in this conversation. Twenty. That was that was that was the Fisher see. I've met in black myself, Jeff Fisher era that never born time. So the Rams have been dealing with this Aaron Donald situation since July of twenty seventeen. When he didn't show up to camp for the first time and it, you know, we know the history, correct? He didn't come. Then he showed up and he was great..

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