Dave Rubin, California, DOJ discussed on The Larry Elder Show


In my interview with dave rubin some years ago he described himself as a liberal and we started talking about the extent of racism in the country or at least he did and he said well come on you're not you're not denying that there systemic racism is to tell me who what gimme gimme the system gimme gimme the institution kept tell me what it is he had nothing and he had an epiphany because he was just mouthing words talking points slogans what do you mean and i've said this for years we had a very vigorous defense bar in this country whole bunch of lawyers willing to to represent people pro bono they've got the innocence project that was set up by checking newfield this people that helped oj simpson escape justice aclu legal aid here in california to millions of dollars for people that that are injured where is the class action lawsuit against the criminal justice system the federal criminal justice system the state criminal justice system where the class action lawsuit you're talking about systemic racism you remember the ferguson report the doj accused the ferguson police department of racism why ferguson is sixty seven percent black but eight eighty five percent of those who were stopped in traffic stop for black ergo imbalanced therefore racism said the doj let's go across the country to the east coast shall we look at new york city what's the black population in new york city.

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