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A day powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries i'm nathan hager this is bloomberg this is a bloomberg market minute it wasn't necessarily economic data that sent the dow in s p two new record closes again the dow up one hundred nineteen points a half percent to just short of 24 505 the sp rose four to 26 sixty four a gain of a little more than a tenth of a percent the nasdaq fell two tenths of a percent down thirteen is tech stocks pulled back some strategists saying investors are rotating out of the sector and cashing in on its gains as the year ends boeing added to the dow's lived on its announcement of increased dividends at a stock buyback banks and financials gained two bob manning of morgan stanley says that's a bed on what happens at this month's federal reserve policy meeting marked on hold waiting for the fed and obviously the market it is expecting a rate hike europe's largest commercial landlord is buying of shopping malls the company is both australiabased westfield it owns about three dozen malls in the us and the uk i'm joan doniger bloomberg radio this is your bloomberg real estate report i'm denise pellegrini the gop tax overhaul could help boost the moving business neela richardson chief economist at redfin says if state and local tax deductions are eliminated a third of homeowners surveyed say they move to another state or hyde park crank qanyare thinker a farallon homebuyer they've wealthy and and and we can but they get going it encompassed by a trend we've been seeing for the past couple years now which is people in on eastern with coastal housing market moving inland defined cheaper housing get more bang bang for the buck read said migration data ready shows people are looking to leave coastal metros for midtier cities like sacramento phoenix in atlanta but richardson says it is also possible the gop tech's overhaul could help some upscale housing markets even in hightech states and i'll have more on that coming up tomorrow and that's your bloomberg real estate report i'm denise pellegrini reggie cod as dean of the martin tuchman school of management at njit new jersey institute of technology he calls njit is management program business with the power of.

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