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The bowl time luchino has quote points he sees the floor well offensively if it's gonna be he's gonna work well some on a shot he's got to go to the basket more bus to that body that wave that ability to go through screens there's not much talent on this team and they've over chief eighteen and eighteen is system me i a bet yeah anything it wouldn't have been eighteen and eighteen with on a home game journal so anyway have a great idea it's great hearing i can't wait to listen to the rest of the show spike should be looking for an attack guard i think that's what they they need next to new aquino and not not a tim hardaway type who is a scoring guard like a a shooting guard in there the prototypical sense i mean um a dribble dr guard 'cause i don't think that's neil aquinas game and that's okay new akina brings a lot to the table as far as knowing how to run a team and being able to defend in and switch and really play defense of the way that you need to in the nba today know because if you look at the the difference in a lot of times when you bring of the nba today verses yesteryear you get the oldtimers who will say something along lines it was so much tougher back in the day or you know there was handchecking the way the game is played now so much more of the square footage of the court is used so when you have players resting or sitting out games because of injuries that aren't huge injuries one of the reasons is these guys are running so much more there's so much more exertion within a typical nba game you go back and watch the best say watch that the the 90s knicks and a lot of the offenses are we're going to dump it into patrick ewing and everybody's sort of standing there watching as he backs in and that's it now you're having to fight through screens you're having to close out to the 3point line constantly and run back and you know there's just so much more on exertion within that space it's just a different game in a lot of ways and that's.

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