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Wilderness. Areas are staying closed indefinitely, including Malibu creek state park, solstice canyon, upper solstice canyon and Castro crest. California's Democratic Party has opened an investigation into its own chairman amidst allegations of sexual misconduct. The vice chair of the party says he filed paperwork to remove Cherokee chairman Eric Bowman after reviewing accusations of sexual harassment and sexual assault during party functions. Says he takes the allegation seriously and is looking forward to putting the claims behind him. The UN Security Council is holding an emergency meeting to discuss Ukraine and Russia tensions. It is an arrogant act that the international community must condemn and will never accept UN ambassador to the United States. Nikki Haley says Russia's attack on Ukrainian ships in Crimea over the weekend. Should be condemned. Three. Ukrainian vessels were seized and six sailors were injured in the altercation. Protests against new French gas taxes have been blocking roads and sometimes getting violent French president Emmanuel Macron has promised to give the country and explanation tomorrow for the new fuel taxes Macron says he's trying to wean his country off fossil fuels a woman from Dallas who was put on life support after getting plastic surgery and Mexico has died real estate agent. Laura Avalon went to Mexico last month to get a nose job and breast implant replacements. Avalos family claims doctors placed anesthesia in the wrong part of Avalos spine causing brain swelling kidney failure and cardiac arrest. Mexican officials have raided the clinic and temporarily shut it down. Avalos fiance says he is also seeking legal action clicking tips. So your pockets..

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