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Wow, yes it is. Can confirm and there I am. I'm wearing and then there's mauve. Am I wearing mauve today, purple? What do we call this lavender? Whatever it is. Whatever it is, it's becoming. It's becoming. And I don't think that it's becoming, I know it. That Susie tell you this? No. Okay. No, I don't need that. Here's the thing. I will always, that's the blue check mark I need. Obviously. From suze. I don't need the other blue check mark. I still have it. Apparently, from Susie or Twitter. From Twitter. I'm assuming I've got the other one. Still there, rich. What? The Susie challenge. Look, yours is gone. Are you serious? Are you serious? It's gone. Hold on a minute. Let me see here. I really on live television. Oh, perfect timing. Because you still have it. It's gone. He has it on mine. Really? No, it's gone. It literally just disappeared in front of me. I still have it. I don't know. It's gone on yours. It's gone on mine. Oh my gosh. From the show tank live, rich eisen show. Air, I've lost my check. When I go on mine, 'cause half an hour ago you had it 'cause I looked at your pages on my phone. I have it on my phone. Let's see, hold on a minute. Let's see if it's on the phone. Going on desktop. We're going on desktop. Everybody, everybody just relax. Now it's back. And we've got our mind just disappeared too. Yours was there, then it was gone. Now it's out of here. I got it here. I see it here. Everybody, everybody go back to your homes. There's nothing to see here. I don't know, yours is gone for me. Okay. We'll have to see. They're playing with your favorite. I ain't leaving. I'm not leaving the blue check mark may leave, but I don't need it. I don't need it. By the way, if I do, in fact, lose the blue check mark, I have the I've already, I've already hatched a caper, hatched a plan. So everybody knows it's me. As if the 1.3 million followers that I have built up over time flex, because no, I'm not flexing. I'm not flexing. I'm just telling truth that I've built this up over time providing content on this site over and over and over again and I do use it as well for information gathering of my own part because it is incredibly fast and it is diverse to actually get all of the information in. So I've used it, but I've also placed content on it over and over and over again and the blue check mark that I got years and years and years ago and the blue check marks that are out there and this is the truth. This is the flat out and I know this might come across as something else, but why else would somebody want a blue check mark unless there are tons of content providers who have created the status for it? He wants to charge 8 bucks a month for it. That's you and you want to pay it. That's on you. But if I've lost it, have I lost it? Have I lost it? No, it's back now. Hey. You know what? I feel better about myself because that's all I've wanted as a blue stock market. On my deathbed. This is the rich eisen show. That's another way. But I've created I've created I've created my desktop, it's gone. Okay, fine. I have created a way for people to know that it's my account. As if again, the large number of followers that I have doesn't automatically let you know it's me. Well, even more than that, there's a mug with your name on it. Well, no, I know that. But if you're seeing somebody can absolutely put like what? Like an L instead of an eye. At rich elson and it looks like me and it's the same avatar that I have and anybody wants to actually spend their time doing stupid garbage like that to try and make people think that they're really me. I wish people would have better things to do in their lives than that. A lot of people want to be the rich out of here. You know what? Let's talk about more, let's talk about more important things like a draymond green stomping on people. Stone? He's out tonight. Who are the officials for this evening, Chris? Because they have been lobbied. They have been lobbied significantly. I mean, even kevon Looney says sabonis is not playing any different download than one would think. You're hearing according to Zach Lowe on his podcast that the warriors are letting everyone know that sabonis is using the ball as a weapon. Don't use the ball as a weapon. Whose song was that? Stop using the ball as a weapon. With a Van Halen? Okay. Tonight's officials officials in San Francisco, rich, Eric Lewis, Kevin Scott and Sean Corbin. And rich, I went to ask you about that was pat benatar wrote that song. Thank you. Stop using the ball as a weapon. I want to ask you about it was really odd when she sang that lyric.

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