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Was that with all of this and you have a partner and going up and you know you get to the age where you think boys what happens when you get to that age of boys and your burn scars from the waist down, how does that all work? My first boyfriend was tricky because I oh tricky. Yeah, tricky. I think they just call Ricky. Okay, that's fine. Yeah, tricky. Yeah, it was hard trying to explain to him or it was like and he adapted to it. I was about 18 and we were talking on Facebook. And I was explaining it to him that I had burns and he's like, what do you mean? So I took a photo and I sent it to him. And he was absolutely fine with it to be honest with you. Were you nervous? I was nervous by water because I think if he likes me for me, that's all I care about. My partner that I'm with now, explaining that to him was hard. I was numerous. When he first saw my scars as well, he was a bit shocked. And he thought, how can somebody do this to a person? Do you ever forget about it? We do. Yes, nasty questions since we met. And I was like three years ago. So it is all normal because of my daddy so skin tight. I'm afraid to have kids because of it. That was more important for him as well because he wants kids in the future. And I will scare that I couldn't give it to him. And is that possible? It can be, but we'll have to wait and see. One day I'm hoping to have kids one day, but my God, my dogs. I know. I've spent a lot of time with them. I can do my dogs. That was Laura talking to Anna Miller. Well, sources of information and support are available on the women's website. Tomorrow, Emily explains what her self harm scars mean to her. Now you probably won't be surprised to know that we've had quite a reaction from the Ghislaine Maxwell verdict from you. Really bringing up the wider issues that are involved. For example, Julia has text and to say, I'm over 70 and we've come a long way in my lifetime. Years ago, the abuse of these teenage girls, as they were then, probably wouldn't have been considered a crime. Most people would have said it was consensual. Now, we understand grooming. It's so easy for predatory adults to target young girls who feel unwanted in their own families and offer them the love that's missing from their lives. Thank goodness this is now recognized. And another listener on Twitter has wrote to say, I think that we need to talk to women who don't speak id in these relationships. There's a hidden layer of female society that's codependent and abusive and hypersexual relationships living in fear and self loathing because men train them to behave in a sexually disoriented way. Thank you very much indeed for those views. You can, of course, get in touch with us by texting womans on 8 four 8 four four. And it's at BBC women's hour on social media. Now many of us will have had empty chairs at the Christmas table this year for lots of reasons. In Susie points 7th novel loved and missed which came out in the summer. There is a particularly memorable Christmas dinner scene. In order to see her daughter on Christmas Day, Ruth has to improvise.

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