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Hi. So we are now hearing from the McCain institute about Cindy McCain's claim that she witnessed human trafficking at sky harbor airport. Let's go live to KTAR's Jeremy foster for more. Yeah. In in a statement sent to KTAR, Jamie. The McCain institute said Cindy, McCain was only thinking about the result of a criminal act. Not the ethnicity of the possible trafficker when she told MAC and Gaydos, part of what tipped her off was the ethnishity of the child and the woman that that child was with we're different. The institute also says these cases should not take away from the responsibility to be aware of this kind of crime, and it encourages anyone who witnesses something like this to report it to police in a tweet earlier this week Cindy McCain sheds, she actually commended Phoenix police for their diligence live in the news center. Jeremy foster KTAR news phone down if you're driving in the west valley. One city now cracking down on distracted drivers KTAR's Madison. Spence is live with the details. Glendale, new ordinance bans texting and driving. This also means no phone calls. No mapping. No looking for music. Even if you're out of stop light. It's still now hands freeze. Okay. Though, find start at two hundred fifty bucks, but police say for the first few months, you may just get a warning head to KTAR dot com. For more on the story. Live in the news center. I'm Madison, Spence KTAR news scammers are targeting. Some caring valley residents. Everyone knows we've lost a lot of firefighters recently towards really aggressive cancers. The bad guys are latching onto a cancer awareness campaign being put on by the United Phoenix firefighters association. Local four Ninety-three bid expire captain PJ dean is the secretary for the union and tells KTAR our clearest and most important message that we want to send everyone the best and most effective way to outperform type of illicit action is to simply not give money over the phone captain dean says no legit public safety organization in Arizona will ever call you on the phone asking for money. Arizona's smart. Cities movement wants to make business and residences more efficient if neighbors and businesses coordinate via smartphone apps could there be alternative ridesharing, but about obstacle making more effective to use and quicker to us. So that we can reduce pollution and boost mobility leaker Kumar with Phoenix's minority. Business development agency, says smart cities could also help businesses identify clientele. They may have missed. It's an open space where people can start to be creative and think about read they can fit in and where they can create a solution customized to the problems in their community. Kumar says data must be collected and protected so it's not abused. Peter say more KTAR news, we know Arizona's in a serious drought. But is changing urinals, the answer one Arizona lawmaker thinks so. Representative Bob Thorpe is introducing legislation to save water through water free urinals, the Bill HP twenty four twenty eight would require state buildings to convert to water for urinals within two years of the effective Bill with the prolonged drought Thorpe says replacing the thirteen year old in the Arizona house of representatives alone would save about five hundred twenty thousand gallons of water in that the government needs to stop flushing taxpayer money. Ali vetnar KTAR news may be freezing outside but water safety is a year round concern in Arizona where the fourth deadliest state for drowning sat from a new consumer product safety study. Nikki Fleming with the consumer product safety coalition says one big way to prevent drownings to designate a water watcher and adult water watcher should supervise children in the pool or spa. This person should not be reading using smartphone. Or otherwise be distracted. Fleming says this goes for all bodies of water also suggests making sure you and your children know how to swim. KTAR news time six thirty six. My dad didn't learn to swim till I was like in high school. It's a good idea to for everybody to remember. It's a good idea to know how to stay afloat here is detour.

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