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You're listening to the pony express here's andrew phillip pony oh that's what i was doing not really i wasn't on my couch or in bed snoring through that but i was out i'll put it up on my phone that was nbc sports call of the preakness and i was on my phone watching it on my phone and i'm like okay he won again you could you put me back you know maybe twelve thirteen years ago i'm in highschool watching giacomo funny cide some of those horses come close and i think back then i just really really really wanted to see it with my own eyes i wanted to see a horse winter now that i have the triple crown has become almost irrelevant to me it's the easiest sport it's the easiest major sporting event the triple crown to get into it takes the least amount of time and effort you turn it on at six fifty eastern you see the horses in the paddocks they say they're off and then two minutes later you know who wanted to know lost no other sport is like that word happens that fast baby boxing quick knockout we've seen some of those but ali listen to would be one of those for the most part nba finals two.

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