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A screwed it up and also san francisco jurors are insane would you when you're going for murder one that's premeditated thought out your it's premeditated planned intended murder that's what murder one is and that is incredibly difficult to prove in a court of law and that's what the that's what the um that's what they were going for and that's what they did remember indicating hastening anthony case i mentioned this last night i talked about this last night when that there were there were going four they were trying to go for murder one at premeditated it with intent and that's what they had difficulty proving and that's why they ended up losing at this should have been if they would have gone for involuntary manslaughter they would have got him there was no question that this was involuntary manslaughter did what he do control did what he do accidentally kill that let's just play devil's advocate for a minute say it was accidental did what he do accidentally killed kate stanley yes that's murder what they're that's that's involuntary manslaughter i mean this this this is a case that i don't know why i just don't know why prosecution didn't do it they wanted to i thought that they wanted to de emphasize that more compelling arguments that that could have been presented in this case and their quest for murder one and as a result of that i think that they screwed the pooch with it and there's just a lot there's just a live just awful but the bottom line is that california's just not a safe place for people here i mean because its eighth it is a it is a.

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