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Council. of Ben Shapiro. Okay, ABC, Los Angeles Orange County cumulus issue. Republican senators want to meet with President Biden to discuss coronavirus relief. They sent a letter to the president, which says they have come up with a framework for a bill. GOP senators, including Susan Collins of Maine, and Mitt Romney of Utah, also claimed their proposal contains more targeted assistance than what the Biden administration is pushing. Biting, wants Congress to pass a nearly two Trillion dollar bill, But a top White House economic adviser says they remain open to ideas on coronavirus relief. A top health expert at the University of Minnesota is urging a course correction in the Corona virus vaccine distribution strategy. We need to get As many one doses and as many people over 65 as we possibly can. Dr. Michael Osterholm tells NBC's meet the press. He's worried about a surgeon infections in 6 to 14 weeks, he warned. If that happens, we'll be dealing with a situation we have never dealt with before. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was shutting down city schools in advance of a massive winter storm bearing down on the Big Apple. The mayor called it a dangerous storm and caution New Yorkers to not underestimate what's coming right now We're getting a projection, as much of a total snowfall was much is 14 to 16 inches. That's the projection right now. That could get a lot worse. The mayor also announced city schools would pivot to remote learning on Monday and a wait and see approach for Tuesday. All citywide Corona virus vaccination appointments scheduled for Monday are So being postponed, and the mayor is urging everyone to stay off the roads for their own safety. The government of India is condemning the vandalism of a Mahatma Gandhi statue near Sacramento. The 6 FT tall likeness of the late Indian leader was found detached from its base and headless in a city park in Davis, California, India's embassy in Washington, D. C asked the U. S State Department for an investigation. The world will be watching Tuesday when a Pennsylvania ground hog makes his annual weather prediction. The forecast offered by punks Otani Phil comes up this Tuesday at 7:25 A.m. eastern and punks. Otani, Pennsylvania. I'm at Madison Get this. Right. Radio 7 90 k A. B. C D was a 302 I'm Steve Coming. Los Angeles County has reported 5925 new cases of covert 19 and 124 additional deaths today. 5328 coronavirus patients were hospitalized. That's as of today, down from 5669.

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