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To address yourself as the number two wide receiver for drew Brees Sean Payton and the New Orleans Saints. I mean, that's huge news for your fantasy value, but it's just it's not going to happen. Yeah. Yeah, I agree. I mean, you he's one of those players because of the injury that you have to have watched preseason and he's got to prove it to you and he hasn't. So you know you, you then have to assume that he's not going to break out. Come week one at least maybe it's going to take him a little bit more time to get fully recovered, get integrated into the new offense. And and look, we've we've talked about when wide receivers changed teams the the difficult nature out of that first year Sammy Watkins hasn't looked at great coming over, you know, year one that that could be another bad vibe right now and Cam Meredith, we only talk about the injury, but we need to realize he's switching teams, new offense. All that. In addition. To coming back off of that injury. Allah Alcyone Jeffrey or no, that was not who I want to say. Alan Robinson, the injury in the team switch. All right. Mike, what do you think who where some bad vibes? All right. Let's give you the shakes. Wakes you up and sure you know, gets scared. He's my guy. I still stand by him being my guy for the long haul of the season, but at least right now. You gotta admit, there's some bad vibes for Royce Freeman with Vance Joseph coming out and saying that devante Booker is the starter apparently Royce Freeman may play in preseason week four, which is absolutely ridiculous. We need to bring up, fell Lindsey's name to sure. At ends. I'm fine with Lindsay th the situation is just if this is now going to be a three headed running back committee, at least for the first part of the season. That's very unfortunate for Royce Freeman, Booker was heavily involved in preseason. Getting snaps, getting carries Royce Freeman, was the, the more explosive player is better when you break down the metrics of yards after contact, just making making big things happen at the running back position. That was all Roy's Freeman. I still one hundred percent believe Royce Freeman will be the man. But when you're taking a running back in the third of the fourth round, you're expecting him to produce right away. So you got to have the bad vibes. Unfortunately, that's gonna take some time for Freeman to establish himself as the starter is shouldn't. But yeah, right. Yeah, right. It shooter, but here's where we are. That's the way the NFL worse. Yep, Jason, yes. I'm going to highlight to defenses to team defenses. Good bad. Oh my season that it's really boggled my mind. Maybe some very good week. One ups actually dreamer type decisions could be made based off of this one hundred percent. I mean, I will be looking to target so like the Bengals are another sort of bad vibe to me because they're off it's of line, man. I've been focused on their office of line. I wanted him to get better and they just haven't shown me enough improvement for everything that I wanted. They get Indy week one. And so their offense of lines going to be great because the colts defense not only upfront, but also there. Our secondary. I mean, there's just it's just a train wreck. I think that the Indy defense, they do not have enough pieces right now..

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