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Going to. A very cool episode. Guy. I've wanted on for a long time and because of some things that you might know if your a longtime listener, but you might not know. I had serious problems with toxic mold kid growing up and I had asthma and behavioral issues and OCD Adhd, all sorts of stuff like that. And, one of the major causes actually two of those major causes are things that were in the environment around me. You know the definition of biohacking arden science or change the environment around you and insider USA they have full control of your own biology. Well, there are some things that really mess with a huge number of people in the environment and one of them is toxic mold. That toxic mold is something that's the subject of a documentary that I funded and filmed myself moldy movie. Dot. com, it's free for you to watch it. and. The other one though is a lime disease co-infection did get diagnosed very accurately with lime disease later in life in fact, my wife and I started a lab testing company that could diagnose very in very much detail. What lime disease was which one I hadn't all that. As something that I haven't talked about on the show called Bartonella today's expert. Has Been Practising for almost fifty years and he has written a book about these types of things and you might say, Oh, great. I don't have any of these. It's not a problem. Here's the deal. If you're alive, you are constantly exposed to talk to mold if your kids are in a public school, they're getting toxic mold. If you go into many buildings you're getting exposed and the the symptoms that happened are all over the place. So I want you to know about this because it's a major variable, and if it's not you, it can be someone in your family and you have different responses and that's why I'm really happy to have Dr Neil Nathan on the show. He's a guy who's written some of the most impactful books out there about how this all comes together in this lime versus mold versus all these other things. And his book they came out in two thousand, eighteen called toxic your body from mold toxicity, lyme disease, multiple chemical sensitivities, and chronic environment illness. Well it's a it's a Bible for people who are thinking about this and you might not be thinking about it but you don't know why you suddenly get inflamed for no reason why have love handles day that you didn't have before and other things like that. Y Perfume really messes with you I lived all this for so much time and being able to understand why and how and for me to piece together those. Pieces I did by myself and I am so incredibly resilient impactful. But there's there are more things even I can do and there's probably things you can do to not let this happen to you and to not let it happen to your family as well. because different people, different genes, different effects to Dr Nathan. Welcome to the show. Thanks for having me on your known for taking patients that no one else will take. Any practice in northern California where it's hard to practice because you know the medical board there is. On one hand, very open to functional medicine. On the other hand, there's lots of rules and regulations in California. So you're able to follow those and You're you're taking care of the hard cases you've done it for so much time that I'm I'm very excited about that. So thank you. You're welcome. Thanks for having me. Now. Let's go straight to for people who don't know about toxic mold or other chronic illnesses. You're talking about, walk me through the typical way people present when something in their environment is messing with them. If, you've been staying indoors a lot more like I have the other pretty high that what you're doing is affecting the environment that.

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