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And a lot of you on hold nine one six nine two one fifteen thirty one eight hundred eight three four fifteen thirty and then I'm gonna tell you why it is I have a kind of a situation that I mean I'm fine by the way I'm I'm corona virus free at least as far as I know I'm not interested but I feel fine and I appreciate all the questions on that but I'll tell you I kind of this interesting spot with all this all explain that coming up with your phone calls coming up first let's go to Susan in west Sacramento Susan here on the power also how are you Susan hi Pat I'm enjoying your show tonight thank you and I'm a fellow Mustang driver got one a couple years ago my car suffered one I since our isn't it yes yes I try to keep the speed down shop my way and I want to get so far but anyway my husband and I are both health care workers I thank you full time job hi Janice and of course I've been off since March twelfth I'm probably going to be one of the last people to go back because we're in such close contact non contentious away from some of the states all day ten hour days anyway my husband works at UC Davis hospital run sucking Boulevard which is their trauma center of northern California so he's on the front line and it's been really hard for me she leaves her house at two thirty Monday to Friday get home exhausted every night at midnight how could he give clothes off at the door goes straight up the stairs into the shower and he was tested two weeks ago we had to quarantine ourselves and he was very sick for a week but luckily he was negative but you know the guys on TV and what he does is he is he is there and nobody ever recognizes him because people just don't know you know people always say I want to thank the doctors and the nurses and you know course that he's dying he's the guy my husband is the guy that you see in the had not even had his head covered with a little thing on it on the back because he is radiological technologist and this is right this is a respiratory disease so what it does is it creates a new pair that is so thick in the lungs that people can't breathe and also it once you are healed from this disease you can leave scarring on the lungs to sell this stuff you know even if you survive it very serious that's why I've heard you know they would that's why I've heard that it's a good thing to take a deep breath every day they said to do the morning take a deep breath hold your breath for ten seconds just exhorted check yourself out and for those of us who don't know everyone you know Susan that are this doctor does this to this doctor does that I certainly can't tell you one from the other we would never want to leave any of those out I heard a story today as a matter of fact Susan about someone doing the same I would imagine it's probably the same job as your husband is doing worries were in the full hazmat suit tank the entire thing risking is live and then yours as well I mean I mean I say risk your life it's certainly whisking the the passing the virus on and that this guy because no one can even see his face he's an a student no one can see his face I don't know who's under this is just a scary ominous outfit coming at you and you're the virus in there and but this guy was his sense that right in this guy's bedside manner was wonderful because you took a picture of himself smiling made a big run out of it and then put it on the front of his house that's so that is I'm a caring smiling guy thank you mission to Mars you know with the math life here in the eyes and had been covered but he's touching infected and he's putting the plates and that means I've stringer Chaz so you know he's he's there he's there but I I'm so proud of me he doesn't complain gold twenty four exhausted you know and we're scared though you know we're scared every time you come home I know I know I am also curious to Susan and his use mention of first that you're a dental assistant well just because this iris is going or she's me high Genest I apologize I bought my my mistake a dental hygienist my my mistake but but this just because this is going around that that mean people aren't going to be in agony over dental issues so there's dentists out there hi Jeff this assistance and dentists or doing emergency work too and these people are also like you said there ten you know ten inches away from his patients that's still going to happen so that someone else in his remember my boss thank god bless your husband do you do yeah thank you so much and you know that one thing before I let you go there are before you let me go there when I first got my I had to go actually drop something off at the hospital and then come back so I was listening to you I want to turn it on you know the gentleman on that was saying that he cases elderly you are worth hearing and his father Liza cardiologists and we are you guys are kind of joking that you wash your hands a lot and stuff and that when he takes them food he thought are free to tax stuff in their house so I I was like well what is he saying because I don't know who you're talking to I don't know if the Germans still there with you but I also takes me to my appearance there in their eighties but you cannot go to the store to bring your photo ID and go in their house I mean I don't know if he was right laptop I don't know if he was joking but that's giving people you know misinformation looking into your show that you know if you're gonna take food your parents are in their seventies or eighties or whatever you you cannot go in their house officially if you've just come from the store you have to eat the food out on the porch and grow as hard as that is that's a good this is real being trying to get a laugh for wet each out he was trying to get a laugh I'll be honest with you I didn't really hear that comment I didn't that's not ringing a bell I didn't really hear that it had I heard that because I know people aren't same situation yeah please like Susan said that she was on the call when I go over there and bring him food because my father in law works in the hospital and I hit home with me because my ears are colossal he comes home every night even in a hospital for eight hours and you know but he goes right in the shower but you know you can't give people misinformation like that you can't you shouldn't do that right in fact your parents coming right from the store right yes Susan well that's a good point listen what Susan says thank you Susan for for you the information and and for listening and for what you're doing for what your husband is doing I can't even imagine coming home at midnight stressed out like that it what a tough thing in anybody's doing it every day and in for you I mean just being the wife and and having to be a part of that too I can imagine it's gonna be trying and very scary it is for so many of us can also I continue on doing you want to take a break here when I go to miles are you a take a break okay we have miles and in the rest of you on the line Randy and Tommy please hang in there bear with me we're trying to get just quit this Kevin but we also want to give you some time to talk that's kind of how this is working nine one six nine two one fifteen thirty nine one six nine two one fifteen thirty toll free one eight hundred eight three four fifteen thirty we have more to come straight ahead Powell show.

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