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Let me tell you why you're in the right place. If you're a faith focus creative. Creating music. Art whatever discipline. You're in inside or outside of the church but you have a spiritual foundation that you'd like to connect with your creative journey in your creative life. You're in the right place. We connect the dots between the spiritual the practical creative and the ministerial needs. You have we are all about being integrated and creating a place where you can feel at home so if you just heard me say something that resonates in your heart and resonates with you. You're in the right place. Okay so make sure you subscribe. Don't miss an episode especially because of episodes like this. this is why i tell people all the time subscribe. Don't wait for facebook or twitter to send you a notice. Make sure your subscribe to the show so win episodes like this that are ground breaking up episodes and interviews. You won't miss one. Okay so let me tell you once again as i said in the open why does interview is a must and will be a cornerstone of both your creative life and your spiritual life. First of all paris bowen's is not just another musician. He's one of the most authentic musicians and creatives ever met. He was connected with us. And i'm going to tell that story But eventually became a core member of the garden. Gigs book and he is a influential person in one of the most influential spaces as a member back in the nineties and two thousands of the soundcheck band which was the backing band for gospel legend. Tie tribute so tightrope picked up perez. And he'll tell you the entire story in this interview and then paris went onto work with so many other artists. You have heard all over the landscape from justin timberlake to kierra sheard to music soul child. Timberland to brandy and worked with everybody on and on he is one of the most respected muses musicians. Excuse me musicians and composers in the industry but his heart is so authentic and so connected to god into his purpose. That i can't continue to just talk about him. You got to hear his words for himself. So here's what you're going to learn from this interview. You're going to learn about. The history of how paris came to know tightrope but how he made a promise to vinci play with them and how that became reality you're gonna learn how he became adjusted to the inner circle working with gospel legends. Like thai for at hammond israel learning how he was able to deal with insecurity intimidation trust issues. Fear how he was able to overcome those situations even as he was working at the top of the industry. He's gonna go share his heart about some of the struggles that he's gone through even in the last few months as i'm recording in the pandemic and how he's found his greatest blessing in unexpected places..

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