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Again with adam kauffman in the com sports studio thank you mary firstplace red sox expanded their lead on the yankees to five and a half games in dramatic fashion last night the bronx boston a threetwo win in ten innings take two of three in series gril sales struck out twelve gave up one run on four hits two walks in seven innings before matt barnes put socks oxen two one hole entering the ninth raphael dever's the rookie even the game four hundred twenty three foot home run off roldos chapman and a one hundred three mile an hour heater with one down in the ninth fellow mlb freshman andrew benintendi but his club had for good with a ahead single in the 10th mentor john farrell said denver says a flair for the moment as refugees gotten and she continues to compile it batch are there is a presence in the moment furthers calmness in it doesn't seem to be phased by the stage it was diverse fourth home run in fifteen games he is just the second lefthander to go deep off chapman eight years socks will be back at fenway tonight for makeup game with the indians first pitch at six ten injured hurler david price through from flat ground for just the third day in a row test as elbow but there is still no timetable for his return national scott good news on banged up outfielder brice harper he is a significant bone bruise in his left knee but avoided major damage to the ligament or tendon washington hopeful he'll return this season patriots will hit the brand this field today momentarily in foxborough last training camp practice there next preseason game saturday in houston and justin thomas won its first.

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