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Research and development it's the latest step taken by the Han in reducing its commitments to the nuclear deal it signs with world powers in twenty fifteen speaking in a televised address president Hassan Rouhani sets that from Friday Iran would begin developing centrifuges just speed up the enrichment of uranium which can produce fuel for power plants for atomic bombs last year the US withdrew from the twenty fifteen deal and re imposed punishing sanctions against the Islamic Republic Iran responded by abandoning to other can you clear commitments in July Mike Prigent is a senior fellow at the American think tank the Hudson institute that's a first he was he if he was surprised by runs move this is expected on the run will continue to test red line to continue to push the limits of the Iran deal in hopes of getting concessions getting concessions for the Europeans combined with European pressure on the United States to jump back in the G. C. P. away and lift sanctions did you see the of course is the aid the Iran deal that was yes I agreed in two thousand five and it and then president Donald Trump pulled pulled out of it raising tensions with the with the Iran out there seems to be a disengagement by the trump administration about trying to reach any kind of deal with Iran. well just one thing I mean just the reef for minister of Iran are just Siri actually undermine microphones initiative by stating before he landed that Iran would not negotiate ballistic missiles you know the president left the Iran deal but the provocations from Iran existed since two thousand fifteen since we jump into J. C. K. away if you look at what Iran was doing in Iraq in Syria and Lebanon and Yemen and also it was on his heels and the G. C. P. away actually allowed Iran to go in and save them from what looked like a short short lived tenure there for a little while in two thousand fifteen. there seems to be two strands here that the trump administration is trying to target one is Iranian influence in the Middle East by backing different factions and different parties in different conflicts in the region and the uranium enrichment and the nuclear ambitions right but shouldn't that be on the negotiating table rather than just throw animosity and and and and just through an economic punishment if you will. well I mean how else do you do with the Islamic Republic we gotta remember it was the Obama administration to put heavy sanctions on Iran to bring it to the negotiating table to get to the Iran deal to begin with so the trump administration is trying to do that again and is actually being very successful these publications in the past have resulted in rewards have resulted in and concessions to the Islamic Republic and it's not happening now which is a good thing mean wrong is lashing out in the street of her moves in the Gulf of aid in in bobbled men did in the Gulf of Oman but they're able to do less and less they have a couple wild cards like Lebanese Hizbollah but as we saw with these recent altercations between Israel and Lebanese Hizbollah that neither side is interested in in war especially war at at the request to be wrong so I think I think the international community connects you absorb these unsuccessful provocations and he's on successful attacks and continue to put pressure on this regime they're still under obligation for the the nuclear proliferation treaty but every publication every everything that Iran is doing now with cheating within in the J. secure way is actually cheating on the signatories that are still in the Jessica away these things should to concern Europe that should concern Russia should concern China but that's also part of the problem isn't it because the international community is not United on the way that they're approaching your on there are clear differences if not all that you know if if if if not opposite reactions to your run of the moment between the United States and Europe. yeah I I think I think McComb's been very strong on ballistic missiles and very strong on our Karina runs a malign influence in the region did so destabilizing activities the the fifteen billion dollar pay off I mean this is a this is our what Iran does do these provocations we hope Europe will will do something about it. we hope that that doesn't happen United States back can be in a position to to pressure micro not to do that because it just incentivize is this behavior Mike Pridgen senior fellow of the American think tank the Hudson institute could have a state and Jim script does lead to sports news thank you Rachel starts at the tennis in the U. S. open specifically what the favorite for the men's singles second seed Rafa Nadal be Argentina's Diego Schwartzman in straight sets will play the Italian twenty fourth St Mateo Bennett teeny in the semi finals meanwhile the Canadian teenager bank and rescue made it through to face Switzerland's Belinda bench which in the semi finals of the women's singles and African qualifying for football's twenty twenty two World Cup that was a shock to you one win for Djibouti over S. with scene in the first leg first round tie two teams who were the Cup of nations Burundi and Tanzania three one old both goals came late told in that game meanwhile just to follow this up from the program yesterday South Africa will now play against Madagascan stuff today in a quickly arranged friendly that was after Zambia pulled out of that plan meeting on the weekend will then be opted not supply G. to security fears another basketball World Cup Nigeria picked up a win yesterday over South Korea today Senegal take on the much fancied Canada which starts in around fifty minutes time. Joe Scruggs thank you very much this is Newsday on the BBC world service with China and other procedure reminder for headlines top story the British government is to allow a bill criticized by the prime minister to complete its passage into law Iran as you've just heard it with me and our guests in the U. S. it says it will break another of its commitments under the twenty fifteen nuclear a cord and the U. N. says seventy thousand people in the Bahamas are in immediate need of emergency relief let's just pick up on that story about the bar Honda's am and the devastation wrought by hurricane Dorian the United States Coast Guard Britain's role navy and relief organizations of trained on efforts to airlift survivors and very in the emergency supplies as the death toll rose to twenty the United Nations save seventy thousand people on grand Bahama on about the island virtually the entire population when immediate need of aid for a home your is disaster management coordinator for the international federation of the red cross in the sol the first footage dead we see from the impacted areas in the islands I'll I'll cool and and grand Bahamas show an extended amount of damage in those areas where the water is still presents and areas that are still covered by degrees we're still today having trouble to reach these areas on the grounds of the footage that we had were shot from a plane because we are we wanted to do since teams on the grounds day but the unfortunately the conditions on the ground and not allow for teams to at least walk in progress on food on the ground and just how bout of those conditions what how would you describe it the the sea and the water has penetrated deep in the the land so most of the areas are flooded under several. about ten feet of water in some places and the water is thinking sometimes to evacuate so it's going to take some time to you be able to move in the the places are also covered by degrees very is the breeze from buildings from trees from from everything that was blown away and carried carried away by by the hurricane is this one of those situations where everything is a priority and it'd be difficult for you to decide on how to look at your resources the red cross has been preparing for several days we worked on scenarios we worked with pre existing data to build up scenarios she did a population is in tremendous need for. temporary sheltering a lot of people have lost their their had their home and they they need to be relocated somewhere they also need access to water to food hygiene products all those activities that the red cross and all other actors are willing to to bring in as immediate assistance to the people and you have things available enough to go around yes but we're we're also increasing our capacities with mobilization of extra stocks from our logistics hub in in Panama. and we're we're going to bring us talks in the coming days to to the Bahamas to scale up the operation and provide immediate assistance you should of operation what sort of psychological support is available for the victims of this disaster how do you manage that'll even deploys Oct. playing a psycho social support team and we're also deploying mechanisms to reconnect people who might have lost our lost track over a family member of those activities cold restoring familial links will be deployed by the Bahamas red cross ways the support of the international community give me an exile hall but works how do we connect people. so there's there's various tools there's web pages that can be activated where people log in with their data there's also juice providing people with a satellite or just the phone working so they can give a call to their close ones and that's even something very efficient when all communications are done so we'll have those different sets of of of capacities to develop their and to offer to do this population in in the very near future I would say tomorrow or Friday at the latest Rafael how meal from the international federation of the red cross and muscle. media operators in Uganda are bracing for what they call tough times as the Uganda communications commission moves to enforce advertising standards Philip is on the business stuff to tell us more yeah difficult days for you can does advertising agencies these all new lows incidently you can do is always had advertising standards lows it's just that now they're trying to enforce them and not schools concerns in the sector where there was a very last a federal hands off approach the rules on advertising provide that no more than ten minutes of commercial should appear in any one hour and as well as regulating the lengths that is the production this the Saudis and there's also the content of the ads will be on the line a little bit more in a minute but since both the regulator and the full cost is a bit of the rules of never been enforced and the advertisers so used to getting longer rap play it's causing a problem the chairman of the you can to media owners association is Alex contender and he says that enforcement is going to improve pro costing quality but they got to lose some business initially a some appetizers my patrol because they're not getting the same value for money they were before here yes they cannot be made if.

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