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That tonight and all week long. One week long, Trump bashing session More coverage tonight in all tomorrow. Here in 93 WNBC Patrick Swayze E would have been 68 years old today. I think Patrick Swayze E is a good compromise for dudes and chicks, right chicks like Patrick Swayze E because they love dirty dancer dudes like Patrick Swayze because they like Roadhouse and then of red Dawn And I like to point break, especially if you're going to say you like to long food. I said to go, I went to go see that with my girlfriend at the time of the movie. You got suckered into going C going to see the drag queen. Yeah, yeah, of course. Did it work? I mean, no, I didn't work cars. Not then let's not forget ghost that the ultimate chick flick right there. Patrick Swayze. He died too young 57 years old, pancreatic cancer. That sucks. But today's his birthday. Let's see Who else. Edward Norton Ah, Edward Norton is kind of, I don't know, even want to say, underrated actor, but he was in one of my favorite movies of all time had the big ending called Primal Fear. With Richard Gere. Yes. Yep. I elected in Rounders. Remember the gambling movie with Matt Damon up? John Malkovich was great in the American History X was agree. Movie Fight Club at Norton is 51 years old today. A Christian Slater. 51 years old today. What would you say he's best known for. I was thinking about that right before we went on the air because that's what I do with my time here in commercial breaks, I think about what movies Christian Slater is best known for. And I would say gleaming the Cube, one of his first movies he ever did about skateboarding because it came out right And then right at the time, when I was getting to skateboarding, I loved gleaming the Cube. Was he in Heather's? He was in Heather's. He was in pump up the volume where you played like a pirate radio deejay kind of identified with that a little because I always wanted to do radio and one of my favorite movies of the nineties. Cuffs. Tops number Cuffs Planet Cup. I don't remember that, because, actually, maybe his brother played the cop and he got killed And he's trying to avenge his brother's remember. You gotta go back watch cuffs. Also true romance. Okay, True romance played Clarence and truly Christian Slater Film Festival awaits me this weekend started blaming the Cuban go all the way to cuffs. Comedian Denis Leary is 63 years old, hilarious comedian, one of his most underrated movies ever. I call it a Christmas movie. It's called the Ref. The ref really funny movie got his start His big break on the MTV game show remote control, along with Adam Sandler and Colin Quinn did Robert Redford's 84 years old. Hey, still looks like a million damn dollars Better you and I will never look a cz good as rubber river today for as we do in our mid forties Martin Mole is 77 years old Terry Guards boss in Mr Mom. Mr. Mama, Michael Keaton's arch nemesis and Hammer finally. Ladies and gentlemen, this is going to make a big damn, I'm old 34 years ago today 1986 Bon Jovi Releasing. Their third album. Slippery when wet.

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