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Six one moment St nineteen seventy two take those stories B. I. G. the big thing is born in Brooklyn New York with the name well you know the name already Sean Carter this is a nineteen ninety two Bette Midler's Johnny Carson's last yes also on the tonight show please see full for both sides in his final show his final show the following night had no guess this is Beth Midler would serenade him with one for my baby one for the road the same day that same year talk about a passing the torch Johnny Carson's second to last show in his last guest on that same day the MTV airs the first episode of the real world it's huge ratings and begins a shift in programming away from music videos it also encourages other networks to try that reality TV things while they tried the reality TV it wasn't in hopes of getting a better rate in hopes of cutting costs reality TV is she because there's no talent cost as well they do survivor pops.

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