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What do you have to do? How many more hours before? Like, what's the difference? Fifteen more hours. Okay, flying and shit conditions. You do. Yeah. And that's with an instructor. Absolutely. Okay. I'm a couple of runs around myself. But that's pretty standard. Have you made any mistakes like when you're flying? You have an instructor. There's a guy who could obviously take over have you done things where you're like. Oh, fuck I I'm not ready yet. No. Because I that's not how I'm geared. I will I need to be need to know everything about need to do at one hundred times need to like one day. I just told a guy we're gonna go leave Albuquerque airport fly out to the country right live, and we're going to just take off and land and take off and land and take off and land for three hours. You know, just so come inside ways coming in with the tailwind coming approach of the win. You know, all bats narrows stall the engine out. Everything that could go wrong. So he's there watching witnessing. What I do in incorrect in me as long so I know that if that happens, I'm gonna be okay. So when you the hardest thing I guess is coming in for landing because you kind of have to balance I mean, taking office just taking office is taking taking office hard. I mean, you've got to run your rudders full-throttle. And I mean, it's it's hard to keep the plant straight, especially in like side. But yeah landing it's weird. Now that I like flying learned to fly when you're in an airplane. You feel that like pocket? A and everyone's all scared yet. Right. Does nothing. No, hell, no the plane will never just drop out his guy. You could literally kill the engines. And they could coast and landed on the freeway you so if you're playing goes down, I mean, shits gotta go down bad for for these crash. Landings could see him pulling a fucking sully. Yeah. In the bucket list. Let's look styles for a second. You verse? Let's listen. I know you got you. I don't like to look ahead. What are we talking fighting? Why don't we talk about good sleep? Trail off the path a little bit here and have a little fun talking about Thomas fucking comedy skits. That's all you wanna talk about fun fun. I guess you don't want to talk about funny. Is there a difference? Listen. Thomas's comedy. I've seen. All right. Listen you like comedy. Like it. Can I start some shit? Can we have fought? What are you talking about? Yes, star some I saw you on Joe Rogan. Okay. Yeah. Donald Cerrone is named bro. I'm with guys what am I in the middle? And she listen to me. Can you hear me out? About never getting a shot at a title, and this and that and also now here you go, and it's gonna be it's gonna be tough. Listen to me. It's only the tough kids. Get nervous. He's a fall to do this. You're in shape, you gotta do BJ online. You can get fed. You you got your crew right up. Listen to me because I'm getting I'm sorry..

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