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Including Dominic Robb who chief Brexit negotiator while her defiant stance has calmed many others within our party are calling on may to resign. And there are more hurdles ahead. The deal needs to be signed off by British parliament before a final draft can be approved by the European parliament. And the twenty-seven Member States fall out of an exit. It's like, this is unknown. But it's fair to say such uncertainty is likely to impact financial markets around the world, including the US. CBS news, London back home, Chicago spending this thanksgiving, remembering the victims of a gunman's rampage at a hospital Chicago police now identified the gunman in Monday's hospital shooting as thirty two year old Juan Lopez witnesses say he argued outside mercy hospital with his ex fiancee, Dr tamra O'neil before he killed her Lopez. Then ran inside the hospital where police say he killed a resident pharmacists, Dana, less and officers Samuel Jimenez during a shootout did with the wrong officers. Always do they ran towards the gunfire. Hermanas was a father of three an ambulance carried his body in a procession through the streets of Chicago tears, at the soul of our city staff at the hospital recently went through active shooter training, some workers risk their lives to help patients. I couldn't leave him because he was disabled. Others barricaded themselves offices and pray. Lopez was killed in the shootout Hillary lane CBS news up next the world's most.

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