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Type and then design and i ended in wins which is not speak to the quality of the project's but you know does speak to people's with austin yeah but yeah anything else you guys third excited about two things i wanted to mention because i think they're a little bit also like less certain moreover emerged and then it can be interesting it's like nineties revival moment chennai a train and shall crowd now leading arm a so grain albums it's tonight is that's been working from what i've gathered like for almost two years on rios shall per last almost twenty thirteen so she's been twenty thirteen is not that i know and i just like sure in our overheard section that you know road st i have been working out them and i wanna release that in spring twenty seventeen there i'm demi more ready for should i like nothing again shero but like i feel like that is a really really over dirigir and like she is just like when she's on like she's absolutely incredible alike there's there's ai was a that another is now in my current like you know terrelle pros kind of the spurs knowing alright this is more of the same like why teardown grow to build a nine i'm making both be great okay whenever i'm just saying i'm i'm significantly more excited about why why i'm in there is that should catered players so you want to have some fun play give me something to crow about you know the politics it was awful i on a feeling that i'm not the only one who likes show growth let's see the prides i believe me i hey whatever you you right and i love that ben guys are dishing out the good to bad that to me anyways with that's that's all i had that i'm in a due is or anything you won the toss and yeah gonna let is out and audience here yeah begin eli album coming up i don't know i don't really and i think we try to hit although i think it's guy for air ever comes.

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