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The human rights are being violated you step in and you help that's what civilized countries do well it certainly what i think we should do where it is feasible there are certainly places i can think of where it would not be feasible to step in where it would open a major can of worms or or create far more problems than it would solve but yes where where possible i would concur scott that i think that that's a correct course of action in this particular case it was feasible and it would hopefully send a message that we don't condone the use of such weapons so we'll see last time around it didn't take maybe this time it did i i don't know one eight six six five zero jimbo one eight six six five five four six two six kayla who's in johnson city tennessee on this friday night good evening caleb hi i just had a few points i know i just told her one i i do feel like this is a betrayal by trump in a way because i don't know if you remember during one of the last debate between her and trump he would talk about how you know that she would be the war one taking us in into another war yes hillary clinton i don't feel there's significant improve for him to do this and i noticed that the rebels slash the white hats are always on the scene with the video whenever something like this happened a couple of months after last year's chemical attack in syria we found out that you know it was not all that had done this it it.

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