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Jeff Sessions resigns as a turning general. He. He told the president and a one page letter that he was submitting his resignation at your request more. And this report special report Jeff Sessions fired. Attorney general Jeff Sessions was fired today by President Trump sessions, drew the anger of the president when he recused himself from the Russia investigation. Congressman Ted lieu says it may be obstruction. Jeff Sessions hard-line ideology was completely in sync with Donald Trump. Except on the Russia investigation. So seem like the only reason Donald Trump fired him what's to interfere with a special counsel's investigation. If that's the case decker constitute obstruction of Justice the same way that firing James Comey was obstruction of Justice wanted Laura Jarrett says the acting attorney general Matt Whitaker some of his very controversial writings about Muller Muller went too far. I'm sure we will hear very very soon that he is unfit to serve as a supervisor of the Muller pro House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi says she sees the sections firing is a move to undermine. And then in benmaller prob-. I'm Mike moss. Bill Cameron says Chicago congressman Mike Quigley, a member of the house intelligence committee. That's been investigating Trump related. Issues is alarmed about the implications of sessions dismissal. The new acting AG has not recused himself from the mother investigation and will reportedly take over that oversight himself quickly. Where is the Trump is acting like a king? I just. I hope that we aren't living under some sort of culture personality where the American public. That's okay for him. No matter how you view this president the fact that he is acting as if he's above the law extraordinarily dangerous, how autocrat senators Durbin and Duckworth are also alarmed and think the mother investigation needs to be protected Bill Cameron WLS, Amy. In news conference at the White House. The president says about the midterm election results a big day yesterday. Incredible day. And last night the Republican party defied history to expand our Senate majority well significantly beating expectations in the house. President says he believes the new democratic control of the house could boost his agenda. Now, we have a much easier path. Because the Democrats will come to us. With a plan for infrastructure a plan for healthcare a plan for whatever they are looking at and will negotiate. Then is you know, it's been very hard in the Senate because we need essentially ten votes from Democrats, and we don't get those because the Democrats do really stick together. Well, a body has been recovered from the met river on the far south side near where a car crashed into the river on Sunday. Our Nick gale has more Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says a male body was recovered near one hundred thirty six and south.

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