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San diego we may soon get our first chance to hear directly from that fbi agent who wrote that he would stop donald trump from being elected under stroke is expected to testify publicly members of congress next thursday struck his the veteran fbi agent removed from the muller probe after it was discovered he said a series of antitrump texts including one where he vowed to stop trump from being elected an inspector general concluded that struck personal views didn't influence the agency's probe of the clinton email server he's already testified extensively behind closed doors before the senate and the house that has capitol hill correspondent wally hindes the soccer coach trapped in a cave with twelve thai boys has apologized to their parents and the first letter that he and the team sent out through divers the twenty five year old coach says the parents of all the kids right now the kids are all fine the crew are taking good care i promise that i will care for the kids as best as possible i want to say thanks for all the support and i want to apologize to the parents rescue say that they won't immediately attempts and underwater evacuation mazdas recalling nearly two hundred seventy thousand vehicles with takata airbags that have the potential to explode company says use to inflate the airbags can deteriorate in some conditions causing them to deploy with too much force blowing apart of metal canister that can result in flying shrapnel that is correspondent dennis crowley reporting more on these stories at townhall dot com.

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