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The late actor Patrick Swayze is the subject of Sam Elliott's next movie Ellie at least today's birthday around up it'll be seen in the documentary I am Patrick Swayze about his costar from road house watching Patrick it'll be out later this month Sam Elliott seventy five today Anna Kendrick's working on a sequel to the animated trolls movie we might all the trolls and if we don't stop trolls world tour will be out next year Kendricks thirty four today an X. files star Gillian Anderson play British prime minister Margaret Thatcher in the Netflix series the crown as far as returning to the X. files which rap last year you were done with Scully yeah yeah yes now are you happy with where she was well that's another covers Anderson talking with the news she's fifty one and that's our birthday around it for August ninth I'm Bob Kessler a man collecting bat droppings for money was trapped for almost four days when he became wedged between rocks in Cambodia police say Sam Boris slipped while trying to pick up the flashlight that he dropped in a small rocky hollow bat droppings are used as fertilizer and poor farmers sell them for supplementary income in Cambodia they sometimes try to attract bats to their property for the purpose Cambodia's fresh news reported that when the man didn't come home after three days is worried family began to search form his brother found them in a mountain jungle nearby and alerted the authorities it took two hundred rescue personnel about ten hours to free him by destroying bits of the rock that had penned after scandal erupted over frequent use of government planes the speaker of the Polish parliament said he's resigning although he insisted he did nothing wrong speak America since ski said his resignation would take effect on Friday the scandal was threatening to damage the reputation of Poland's right wing ruling policy law and justice ahead of parliamentary elections in October the speaker was revealed to have flown by government jet from also to his home city in one case his wife was reportedly the sole passenger he explained he simply flown often in order to meet the residents of small towns far from the capital.

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