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It's a ten year deal worth three hundred million with the Padres giving him an opt out clause after the fifth season. So again, Manny Machado heading to San Diego. Cardinals pitcher Carlos Martinez has been shut down for two weeks. So we can build up shoulder strength. Meanwhile, former dodgers pitcher in great and Don Newcombe. Has passed away after a lengthy illness. He was ninety two. All right to college basketball, we go we'll start with number fifteen Purdue. They were a basket better than Indiana. Forty eight forty six win number nineteen on the season for the Boilermakers number five. Tennessee beat Vanderbilt fifty eight forty six number twenty five buffalo. They smoked Ohio one fourteen sixty seven number twenty four Maryland takes that number twenty one Iowa sixty six sixty five number nineteen Iowa State upset at home by Baylor. Seventy three sixty nine number sixteen Florida state over Clemson, seventy seven sixty four and number four Kentucky. They beat Missouri. Sixty six fifty eight. On the ice predators over the stars five to three ducks beat the wild four. Nothing blues in overtime beat the Maple Leafs. Three to two that's a franchise record eleventh straight win for Saint Louis Canadians. Three to over the blue jackets Panthers beat the sabres forty two Rangers to hurricanes. One lightning five to over the flyers penguins beat the devils four to three from college football. Former Virginia Tech quarterback Josh Jackson. He's transferring to Maryland and can play this fall as a graduate student. I'm Jay Berman. Listen to CBS sports radio with a radio dot com app free and available in the Google play..

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