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It is absurd yeah right everybody's accepts and there is some leica if you d r e familiar with the franc grimes episode of the simpson's where that new guy comes the nuclear plant and he's just a normal guy and like homers is acting like he always does and he runs around belied his nobody'd no as or comment on how should this guy is there is some comedy to be wrung out of a like a straight man type character not like a straight man now a yes now from an irish wildy standpoint but yeah right like a like a a divorce in the wilderness whatever kind of character sure whose thrown into this absurd situation like there is some comedy in napa most of the comedy i think in this and in a lot of a lot of i think alike british humor from this era a lot of absurdist humor is just everyone's going to accept the absurd thing in move on great okay i'm so ford prefects and arthur in this bar and ford prefects informs arthur that none of this that's happening matters because the earth's gonna get vaporize like in a few minutes own kd and that happens fokker oh like it's just destroyed yeah as is totally vaporize so will the away completely destroyed arthur and ford prefect managed to escape they managed to stowaway on this vogue on chip and the vogue answer very ugly in horrible race and they're a terrible and we find that the earth has been ironically enough removed to make room for an interstellar way okay sure at makes sense okay hi some john's there sure yeah and then we and we also find out in like a an aside that the technology that made freeways obsolete was invented like 15 minutes later something it's all very it's all very dry and yes brit okay.

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