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Yes and he was a he was friends with bill clinton yeah traffic played golf uh one of the nbc producers told me she said well you know uh uh mr clinton and mr lake play golf quite frequently and i think that was just a little tidings that they gave to me to try to understand why it was not being aired i mean i put my heart and soul into that and absolutely beard my so to the buffer zone in that interview emperor dimmed to hold it like that was just like a slap in the face moving the you know this is what happens so frequently mainstream outlets when they when they have something like dirt on democrats are they get a big expose they'll they'll hold it in they'll just keep it so it's a little carrot hanging over you oh we've already done this we've got it but no we're not going to hold did they ever tell you they say well it is the it's not good enough it's not sorry this is in convincing enough and that's why we're not going to air it or they just stonewalled you know they just stonewalled completely incredible that's incredible now you know it's a related story a speaking of golfing buddies and nbc news nor mcdonald the comedian relates this that he lost his job as saturday night live because he was making jokes about oj simpson and donald myron nbc executive said always my golfing buddy we're in a fiery we're going to bury this story and you sit you see this for a long time it at places like nbc and nbc in particular then we get to 2016 you you speak out during the 2016 presidential race a you had every right and reason to do it but what did motivate you to try to stop hillary clinton.

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