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In papua new guinea fifteen or missing and feared dead after heavy rains triggered a landslide near an informal gold mine in a remote rural area. Three children are among those feared buried alive in their encampment at the base of a mountain where miners pan for gold to scratch out a living. Some of the world's biggest mining companies including rio tinto have extracted vast mineral wealth from papua new guinea for decades leaving path of environmental destruction. Behind while most miners live in poverty in bangladesh authorities are moving second group of over eighteen hundred hindu refugees to remote island hours away from the mainland around. Sixteen hundred refugees were sent to the island earlier. This month. activists say the refugees are being forced into moving and that they were locked out of their homes. At the camps and cox's bazar international journalists have been barred from visiting the island over seven hundred thousand ruhanga fled to bangladesh in two thousand seventeen after brutal and deadly crackdown by burma's military in croatia. A magnitude six point. Four earthquake killed at least seven people injured scores of others and level buildings and the central town of katrina on tuesday. Some twenty five thousand people were left with no running water or electricity. Following the earthquake and hospitals were forced to evacuate most of their patients back in the united states in kentucky. The louisville police department has terminated two more officers involved in the march thirteenth police. Killing brianna taylor. The twenty six year old black emergency room technician who shot to death in her own home in march. The officers are detective myles. Cosgrove who fired the shot that killed taylor and detective joshua jane's who prepared the search warrant that led to the fatal raid former officer. Brett hankison was indicted by grand jury in september for wanton endangerment for shooting into the apartment of a neighbor but no one has been held criminally liable for briana. Taylor's death the justice department says it will not pursue criminal charges against the officers who killed tamir rice in two thousand fourteen. To mir was just twelve years old. When then cleveland police officer timothy lohman fatally shot him and claimed he thought rice's toy gun was real. Rice was playing with a toy in a park in boston. A statue depicting a formerly enslaved men kneeling before president. Lincoln has been removed after the boston. Art commission voted unanimously. To take it down during the summer at the height of the anti-racist nationwide uprising the vote came after a campaign spearheaded by boston. Artist tori bullock. Who responded tuesday to the removal. This is a great day for the city of boston. In case you didn't know this has been up for one hundred and forty one years for boston to be the first place to come up with any kind of legitimate process to decommission these controversial statues in a respectful manner. It warms my heart and makes me proud is a proud day for me and for my city the kansas city star when the most influential newspapers in the mid west has apologized for the papers racist one hundred forty year history. The papers top editor admitted the star and a sister paper had reinforced segregation. Jim crow laws and redlining. The editor mike fannin wrote quote decade after early decade robbed an entire community of opportunity dignity justice and recognition. He said the paper went on to admit its coverage disenfranchised ignored and scorn generations of black residents later in the broadcast. We'll speak with the editor and the african american woman reporter who led the investigation of her own newspaper. In tennessee. police records show both local and federal authorities. Were aware that. Anthony quinn warner nashville's christmas day. Bomber was a possible threat for over a year in august of last year. Warners girlfriend worn nashville police. He was building bombs. The explosion last friday injured three people destroyed dozens of buildings and killed. Warriner georgia republican senator. Kelly leffler faces fresh charges that she and her husband personally benefited. From regulatory decision she made as a senator mother. Jones reports that while serving on the senate subcommittee on commodities leffler took several actions that impacted the fortune five hundred company intercontinental exchange known as ice at the time leffler held millions of dollars of stock. Nice her husband. Jeffrey speaker is the company ceo. Democrat reverend rafael warnock in january fifth runoff senatorial election that will determine which party controls the us senate so far two point. Three people have cast ballots. Which is a record for early voting in georgia runoff election. And here in new york. A boeing. Seven thirty-seven max landed at laguardia airport tuesday and the jets first commercial flight in the us since it was grounded march of last year following two deadly crashes that killed all three hundred forty six people on board the aircraft updates to its automated flight control system were cleared by regulators in november and those are some headlines assist democracy now democracy now dot org the quarantine report. I'm amy goodman. As the united states reports world record deaths and hospitalizations from covid nineteen in the final days of two thousand twenty. We look at how the pandemic that's ravaged the country. This year has shown stark new light on racism in medical care. We begin with a now. Viral video recorded by black physician. Dr susan more and posted to her facebook earlier this month in which she describes racist treatment by medical staff at a hospital in indianapolis who did not respond to her pleas for care despite being in intense pain and being a doctor herself dr moore says she had to beg to receive the antiviral drug remdesivir and pain. Medication and accuses doctor at indiana university health north of ignoring her pleas because she was black. This is dr susan more as she summoned the energy to speak from her hospital bed days before she would die..

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