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We mayor of the airwaves been pre record well you all heard me talk about jody jodie is my personal assistant she's my producer cheap organizer resnier under she's gonna work with me seven or eight years and her mother ruth is just flown in from estes park colorado no estes park i've i've i don't know if ever been there but my recollections is short of a it's an upper class community is enough it's retirement to uh there are a lot of younger people who like raising their children in in a small community who are in service industries and might have you in the estes pack area now you or you are the jodie is now forty five years of age and you had how many children i had three daughters three daughters and you were formerly married to jogesh father and he was an orthopedic surgeon yes that's correct family loves his night his name is steve levin and we were married through medical school and dr to in ally and not i was a medical secretary and i work for ngc washington dc eccentric a surgical practice oh can show you were mary while short through school what happened next key had finished medical school.

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