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Pastor can i? Can I take shower. Oh my goodness like this. This is this child's reality that he has to ask a stranger for a shower and this is the reality. This is the cultural context of community that I'm serving and for this ten year old boy to ask for that and of course yes you don't of course you can take a shower and China. We took him into the back room. So you get the he could pick our underwear and socks and things that we provide as much as we can. That's the biggest donation that we need here. Because you know if you can imagine you can't do laundry very well when you're on the street and then to slip back on the same clothes that she had on before you went in the shower that you'd worn for maybe a couple of days or a week. I mean that's that's terrible. I'm so oh happy that so. Many generous people have been keeping US supplied with those undergarments. But the boy he's like I. There's there's never ever any of my size But then there were some in the size in his very happy of some underwear and then he went took a shower and I just like we were able to to give this this boy and his father. This space where they could spend time and I mean. It's very different than the way I spent time with my father going up but I mean this was better than what the father could have offered Without US and I. I don't know that I just moment is being green to my mind. Think about that thing about how you spend time with your parents when you were a child. It's difficult to hear but as reality polity and has a reality that we need to start engaging with. Here's another story from the team at. There's so many stories it's hard to just one Like this story really jumps out for me is I live not too far away from the church and I also walk in fourth between my house and the Church And I started to notice on my walk this van and I could tell that there was a girl and her dog living in the van and she was pretty shy. She's a little bit mentally delay. Dense It was a little skittish around people but something She needs you need some services so ice slipped a note on her car and just said Hey I noticed I know. You're Kinda Cheyenne you. You seem to close your door when people go by Able to really know that you're staying in your band but I said I I am kind of watched for these things that I I noticed that you're staying in your fan and I happen to work at a church not far away where you can get services and I don't know if you have access to them so please feel free to come And feud she showed up once and then I think after that she actually the next time she showed up. I think she showed up with author van on the back of a tow truck and we found out later that her van actually had stopped working And she was sitting. Hang on the side of the street living in it from week to week we have street cleaning here in La so on one one day of the week near side of the street right. Everyone has to move off that side and her van had been broken as she was going by grace every week. Hoping that the same Parking working enforcement officer would be in that neighborhood and not told her vehicle because that was the only thing she had so when she found a little bit of hope with with a shower she gene without asking. She just brought her van here because we were the only hope that she And it seemed like the best bedding also through that we had a relationship with her and wish to work with her and then we had a probe have a program that we work with social insurance from CAL state L. A. and the first year that we had the program they insurance came in they were able to work with her in the course of the school will year. They were able to take her from living in her van to being house at the end of the school year. And if you know anything about the housing process that's pretty incredible. Because because she hadn't been enrolled in anything prior to that and then to go in nine months or six to nine month period area to go from being living her vehicle to being housed is really incredibly quick fast track to get into housing inside the that was a really being pushed us to see that happen. And it was a hard transition for two She she but she had support which she didn't have to do a long. ooh And I'm really happy that we get it for and I'm really happy to this. Church is truly exemplifying what Jesus would have done with the lease of these and I hope that your church is able to do it. I hope that this podcast is prompting you to go help not only because the holiday season but because that's what Jesus this wants us to do then you're listening to ABC enthusiasm. Here's a final word and have a happy thanksgiving. Remember the lease of these. Yeah I want I want people that come here on a number of people that have come here. This is their first exposure to absenteeism and in and they get to know us and I remember one when lady saying she was talking to her mom on the phone and she goes you know I I've been starting to come into an adventure adventured and hormone says wild with his issues. Neither do I but if this is who they are yeah I know I am one. And so that was that was great She had that perspective of our community..

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