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The lakers during the next six games if they have a very very night listen you look at these games it wouldn't be a shock to go foreign to they will be on pace to be a five hundred team you don't think lebron says forty one and forty one mian paul george get at thirteen to that then you're in the houston class so as i watched the lakers play you can say 'i alonzo's not this and i don't know about the bench lebrun is sitting there making comments about all these point guards he's watching and surveying the landscape he is left cleveland before magic laker brand better than expected if they have the home stand the lakers want to have this is a much easier emotional and psychological leap for lebrun so right now the bronze on meter is right down the middle but checkin in about ten days i think it's a real thing and i and i was i i was watching that last night cobi always loved playing a new york michael jordan always loved playing in new york it really did take me back last night watching the braun in new york taunting the next because i think it's an unbelievable basketball city people think new york's a baseball city it it it's actually it is an amazing nba city some thoughts on the dallas cowboys so yesterday this was rare we all think jason garrett's okay as a coach right jason garrett fine he's an old keiko cheese by nobody hates jason garrett this was the first weekend ever ever and i've been a supporter of jason garrett that i watched the cowboys and i thought maybe jason garrett the problem i was reading dallas papers this morning and similarly a lot of criticism on his inability.

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