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Presented by google. Good morning playbook i. It's tuesday june eighth. I'm all in and this. Is your political playbook daily briefing two days after west. Virginia senator joe manchin announced his opposition to the for the people act. The democratic party's top legislative priority on voting rights a group of black and civil rights leaders will visit mansion today. We're told the meeting was recommended by national urban league president and ceo mark morial and we'll set up a few weeks ago. Those who know mentioned well have told us the senators mind. isn't open to persuasion on the bill so we asked some participants how they plan to approach the meeting today. Here's what we are back. Derrick johnson president and ceo of the nwa c. P. kept expectations low in an interview. Last night the goal of the meeting for us in the civil rights leadership is to establish and build a relationship. There was no particular item on the agenda but we will have a conversation about our policy priorities and hopes to open up the dialogue so that we can in fact have the type of give and take opportunity to ensure that all americans are supported. Johnson said he also plans to remind mansion of the steps. He took as secretary of state in west virginia to expand voting. We'll be watching especially closely. To what reverend al sharpton who's also attending will say afterward. Reverend sharpton has had some criticism of mansion in the past telling our very own eugene. Daniel's march depression that we are going to pull mansion is calling the filibuster racist and saying that they are ineffective supporting racism while mentioned might be the only one publicly taking the heat for shutting down the bill. We're told a couple. Democratic senators are privately unhappy with how expensive the bill is. There apparently afraid to say on the record in fact every single senate democrat except mansion. Cosponsored the bill. So what makes this bill. So controversial political zach. Montelera has a good read this morning on some of the bills most contentious provision measure would combat restrictions to voting access that gop. Legislators have adopted recently as well as mandate nationwide mail in voting same day voter registration and at least two weeks early voting but zac notes that before the people act also includes provisions long opposed by the gop and even some democratic constituencies. they include effectively nullifying some voter. Id requirements instituting new donor disclosure requirements for dark money spending in politics that provision is opposed by the aclu for being overly broad another one creating a new public financing system for campaigns particularly moderate democrats privately this provision another provision shifting the power to re district from state legislators to a national commission several congressional black caucus members dislike that idea so after all that. Here's the big question that maybe some of you are asking. What's next mansion. And more than a few voting rights activists want the chamber to pass h r four. The john lewis voting rights act. It would be a smaller bill that would counter some of the efforts by state. gop legislatures one key provisions that bill it would resurrect doj oversight of voting laws in states with a history of racial discrimination maintenance said he'll even go one step further and make the provisions apply to all fifty states. Here's the problem though. So far alaska senator. Lisa murkowski is the only republican whose publicly joined mansion in this effort and late last night. Nbc's suhil kapoor reported that the bill faces a steep climb in the senate as well. It's a challenging one. Murkowski told kapoor. You've got to find an awful lot of republicans to join us on this. It's the latest edition of the democratic. Party's big challenge in the first year of the biden administration. What are you better off doing fighting for a big change that your supporters want but which won't likely pass or being able to realize a more moderate but achievable goal even if it falls short of what the base really wants. Here's the agenda in washington today. Starting with the white house at ten. Fifteen a m eastern. The president will receive the president's daily brief. The white house covid nineteen response team and public. Health officials will hold a briefing at ten fifteen. Am press secretary. Jen psaki and e. C deputy director samir physi- and senior director for economics and competitiveness. Peter herro will brief at one pm eastern. Here's the vice president's agenda for today at ten oh five. Am central standard time. Vice president harris and mexican president andres manuel lopez obrador door will witness the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the united states and mexico on development programs in the northern triangle. At one forty. Pm central the vice president will meet with women entrepreneurs of the so. Fidel mexico city would form at one forty pm. The vice president will meet with women entrepreneurs.

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