U.S. deports former Nazi camp guard, 95, to Germany


But more. And more on this Nazi labor. Camp guard arrested by ice and deported to Germany he was living in New York he'd been. Living in the United States since he came to the country in nineteen forty nine he. Got US citizenship in nineteen fifty seven It's sick it's awful he told authorities he spent the war in his hometown. In Germany he was actually a Nazi guard He was tracked down in, two thousand three by federal authorities and. Immigration judge revoking his citizenship. And ordering him to, be deported. In two. Thousand five the, guy this guy in question police that's his last. Name denied he was a collaborator Saying that he was. Conscripted at eighteen in the. Nazis took his farm I know what they say but I was never a collaborator that was, his his quote According to a statement from the. United States believes lied about, being a Nazi and remain in the United States for decades

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