NASCAR Cup Series -- Blossoming at Bristol: Kurt Busch seals playoff berth after first win with new crew


There was a hell of a ride last night down in, Bristol, Tennessee and I got the man himself that calls all the. Shots Mr. Tom, tailored Tommy how you doing man Morning sir how're you doing good good good, I, know you're probably running on empty about right now so hopefully. Got enough, to, make a few more laps The. Trucking nation a firsthand report, about all the activities last night. Couple of the boys called up and said it was a hell of a race oh. Yeah a lot of the drivers. Current drivers and Bristol along, time so yet nine drivers. Nineteen lead changes. Among nine driver yet all kinds of. Respond works there was beaten on, the, track you had child Bush again leading early right, into trouble you, had Kyle Larson Santa Paulette early, ran. Into trouble and? So. When. The. Smoke cleared literally we add nine cautions for seventy laps. Hurt feelings folks up sales each other at some point Late in, the, race and he got out of the car and, to drop kicked. Us out of the car Oh baby so Kurt Busch Kurt Busch your court Gatti's I win in NASCAR at Bristol he's not one, there since I was a twelve year drought since two thousand and two thousand six so Six win at Bristol is, thirty career he's now. Won behind, any and. Two behind Dale, Jarrett, in, the hall of fame so big win for Kurt. Busch interesting story this Kurt Busch is not signed for two thousand nineteen but stored Oz racing and. So Couple of press conferences the Bristol this weekend and so. The question was posed the owner Jean of you know, what's going on for. Next year Do you know anything right, now and I'm thinking. Wait a minute discuss on the checks he, doesn't know, what's going on so curb she's come on Talked to the mother. Team so it, would appear, he, has gone. Don't know whether this win we'll get, him to think, twice by keeping him but here's a. Former champion this guy's Jody Wynn donors, Bill former champion NASCAR got again? Six wins at, Bristol thirty news, career and so they. May let it go but and. Then on the flip side A lot, of things avenues weekend Casey now says. He's done he's not coming back in two thousand. Nineteen story broke today racing reached out, to talk to him about, taking the forty one. Ride next year, so obviously curb Bush's gone. And he said no thanks thanks I won't go, more town my family's I'm. Done and then, in the, series, and other. Driver the veteran Elliott Sadler said he's, done so he's, not coming back next year full time. So a couple of the guys saying We're gonna, spend, time, with. The family that of course will start the domino. Effect the drivers so you have Mark tricks, junior defending champion is not resign he. Came out over the weekend press conference said I'm. Going to be looking here because running Running and nobody wants to respond me they we talked? About this about three weeks ago they lost five hour? Energy two thousand nineteen so. He said you know sponsorships will drive the. Bus and so, right now he says you know I. Think another week or do, I have a better answer for. You what percentage of you wouldn't. Come back to, this team and he was very noncommittal so He used the defending points champion the east unsigned Kurt Busch a former. Champion, is unsigned do the. Veteran drivers have gone to the house and you know we're we're done. Elliott. Sadler and Casey gain so an interesting weekend. For personnel now Bristol so, let again opened. Up the door, some of, these young bucks coming up. And young as we call them, so it's, gonna be very interesting we've heard that curb Bush may go check the? Number one ride from chicken Jamie McMurray because he's underperforming? They're talking about him over. There MR, tricks do you're going. To the forty-one replacing Kurt Busch So that's. The case you're going to have a lot, of power team you got that would happen Kevin Harvick. Obviously red hot air took over Dan Patrick, seventy great year and of course the other one Kevin. Harvick and then humility even out the other driver Oh totally. Blackston, a long, weekend but there's four guys and then say oh boy you're Portland so strong team after x. goes there so yes lots and lots of room you're going on. In NASCAR, this week to head off to the southern five hundred Labor Day weekend

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