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News time eight eight nineteen right now it's sixty three degrees in boston we're going to see a rather cloudy and cool day with some showers especially in the afternoon highs of sixty four degrees downtown to our top stories now one person is dead two others injured following a shooting in lynn overnight near lawton avenue lynn police are still investigating and looking for suspects president trump is accusing the news media of overlooking angel families they are families of loved ones killed by illegal immigrants i sends out a memo claiming that five hundred children have been reunited with their families several agencies are working to set up a more organized reunification process and a group of twenty democratic members of congress are visiting the us mexico border in texas today they're touring a border patrol station processing center and an ice detention center massachusetts representatives mike kep yano and katherine clark are among the group wbz news it's time eight twenty boston school superintendent tommy chang is stepping down wbz's don huff says there were many issues that led to his decision mayor marty walsh says he and chang of mutually agreed there needs to be a change in leadership wbz tv's john keller says things have not gone smoothly for chang since you came on board three years ago a been becoming increasingly concerned about a number of if you will botched managerial initiatives the slow roll out of cape programs like the new school building effort and a school breakfast program irregularities in student activity accounts a change in school start times you may recall that had to be withdrawn after public outcry the mayor is expected to name an interim superintendent in the near future don huff wbz newsradio ten thirty a camp lejeune marine could soon be forced out of the marine corps after he participated in the white supremacist rally held in charlotte spill virginia last summer cbs's dory zuck reports on his court marshal the silliest pistola has been convicted at a court martial of disobeying orders and making false statements for which he was reduced from lance corporal to private first class will lose two thirds of his pay for one month and spend twenty eight days in suspension but a usmc spokesman says the marine corps is likely to force him out eventually he bragged online of cracking skulls during unite the right and was captured on film clubbing counter protester with the poll of a confederate flag pistola was a member of adam kaufman division a neo nazi group with members and associates charged in five murders and a bomb plot the court martial came after the nonprofit newsroom propublica and frontline pbs reported in may that the stolis was a member of neo nazi group and bragged about violence he committed at the rally the teeth communications executive for net flicks is now out of a job abc's todd ant tells us why met flick ceo reed hastings fire the company's chief communications executive jonathan freedland because he used the n word twice in a memo to employees confirmed by net flicks hastings says freedland i used the word several months ago in a meeting with public relations staff freedland use the word again during an hr meeting call to address the first incident friedland who has white confirmed in tweets that he was leaving the company saying he was insensitive and speaking with his team about words that offend in comedy hastings wrote the second incident quote confirmed a deep lack of understanding todd ant abc news this supreme court adopts new rules for cell phone tracking they now say police generally need a search warrant if they want to track criminal suspects movements by collecting information about where they use their cellphones justices split decision five to four on friday is a victory for privacy in the digital age the ruling is a major change from the old days when a thorn could go to the phone company and obtain information about the numbers dialed from a home telephone without presenting a warrant chief justice john roberts wrote the majority opinion joined by the courts for liberals voting degration tolerance cran family separation trump signed an executive order to end to like to see families separating ongoing debated need an executive orders simply pick up the phone call jeff sessions and say stop the policy the lingering controversies finally secure our border the newswatch never stops wbz newsradio ten thirty abc news time eight twenty three that's out means it's time for traffic and weather together the subaru retailers of new england allwheeldrive traffic on the.

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