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In a new stadium in atlanta because the two closers schools to atlanta in the sec are georgia and auburn and they also have the oldest rivalry uh in the league at one of the oldest in the nation is so i'm fascinated ongoing saturday on fascinated to see what the crowd is whether it's 5050 id and how loud they are in the new place i i think that's going to be one of the really cool things about that game saturday now the other games under the current scenario under the current rankings the orange bowl would would have number five alabama going to miami to play miami miami home stadium the cotton bowl would feature rigorous by the way real quick their odds makers if it came out yesterday west gate had it alabama would be a thirteen point favorite over the hurricanes right now wow you know and i bet that's projecting not only the way that the public feels about alabama because that's what vegas does but also that in a month alabama will be healthier than it's been since mid october uh the other projected bowls at this point the cotton bowl tcu and penn state the fiesta bowl usc ohio state and the peach bowl would be georgia again's you see us so that's a pretty good at line ah i think so too yeah yeah those are all very good games let's but let's shift our focus beyond the rankings there was a little odd dust up in a big twelve yesterday jerry patterson throwing out charges.

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