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Oregon seven public universities and the union representing about forty five hundred service employees on their campuses if no new agreement is hammered out union members are prepared to strike next Monday the union represents workers including custodians maintenance workers and tech support I'm Gail Cunningham traffic and weather our next this northwest it's where everyone tells me they absolutely love their car buying experience fallen for cars Subaru in Beaverton Oregon premier Subaru dealership recently friend and co worker Susan told me about how much she enjoyed purchasing her new crosstrek at cars Subaru I love driving the crosstrek too and hearing about Susan stress free buying experience of cars Subaru the good news for you there is currently a large inventory of cross tracks of cars Subaru and all are on sale for the entire month of September don't forget to all new cars to Bruce come with a lifetime powertrain warranty and ten years roadside assistance at no extra charge you just can't go wrong with cars Subaru and will especially enjoy working with cars friendly no pressure sales staff it's a great time to find your new crosstrek all on sale or the super model that's right for you at the dealership for car buying my colleague Susan confirms is hassle free car Subaru on canyon road in Beaverton at car Subaru dot com proven in so many ways there with you all the way every mile every day. portlet opera invites you to celebrate the art of opera with a masterpiece Puccini's Madame butterfly at the killer auditorium in downtown Portland this for October twenty fifth through November second tickets are on sale now from thirty five dollars learn more at Portland opera dot org and don't forget to bring tissues madam butterfly is one of the world's most powerful law press and there is nothing like hearing it and seeing it live it's supposed to be the time to kick back and relax not something to stress over if you need help putting your retirement concerns to rest join the northwest financial and tax solutions team for the retirements trail head every Saturday morning at seven and Sunday morning at eight get your retirement on the right path the retirement trail head every Saturday morning at seven AM Sunday morning at eight securities offered only by duly registered individuals through Madison Avenue securities LLC member FINRA SIPC investment advisory services offered only by duly registered individuals are AT wealth management LLC a registered investment adviser welcome the arrival of fall at the inaugural Newport cider festival October fourth and fifth featuring Pacific Northwest hard ciders fourteen craft brews local vendors artisans food trucks and live music plus a family friendly kids on details at Newport chamber dot org Toyota let's go places. down K. E. axe traffic..

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