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Guys in real life. I met dave That was at the training camp But i met mark I believe it was a hall of fame induction national wrestling hall of fame and it was the first time i met him in. You know a lot of people thought. I looked like him so yeah first thing i said. Hey i'm your twin march. He's like who the hell are you but I i got to meet him at a hall of fame. When i got inducted and It was a very special treat for me. Because i he was the one. I'm more than dave at the time. That mark was the guy that i was trying to portray. I studied a lot of film of him. And i love this technique and his athleticism just a. He was a gymnast for a while before he started wrestling in that attributed to his wrestling career. It was a phenomenal athlete. He was a much better athlete than dave. Dave was a much better techniques. Should now you know. I'm all about saving money but i gotta tell you something. I just discovered a new way. How about this. It was right under our noses. 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More than fifty million dollars and they've got over a million users read the rave reviews right now for yourself at true bill dot com. Check this out. The average person saves seven hundred and twenty dollars a year with true. Bill get started today at true bill dot com slash angle. Take control of your finances and start. Saving at true bill dot com slash angle. That's true bill dot com slash angle. What did when you first become friendly with the scholtz family. What are they telling you about what their training regimen is like. Their routine is like i mean. Obviously if you're trying to sort of move up and you want to progress the you wanna know what did the greats before me do. So now that you have access in developing relationship are is he sort of mentoring you on Do more of this do less of that. How does he bring under your under his wing if that makes sense well. David allow me to do whatever i wanted to do. He didn't really push me fars training. You just taught me a lot of good techniques and and You know told me some ideas. He had of training of what i could do to better my technique and better my performance. But they've wasn't like a trainer that he was like come on. You know one more it was. It was more of a teacher. And that's how i looked at him. Talk to me a little bit about when you guys start to advance into. Hey we're gonna we're gonna do this full-time we're going to become a team because i feel like sometimes we who are in the amateur wrestling community. We don't understand like what that requirement looks like as from time and effort and focus standpoint in order to get to that world class olympic level. It's not like you can just go. Have you know for lack of a better word. A normal civilian life. You're working a job and you come home to the family and it is a one track. Focus right without a doubt. You're you're thinking you're training. You're doing wrestling twenty four seven and everything that you do has to help benefit that sport. So when i woke up in the morning. I trained all day until the evening. And i would. I would do about nine to ten hours of total training. It would have a lot to do with conditioning. Way training playa metrics working on technique drilling live wrestling The whole ball of wax. And you know he had to do that every day. I very seldom. did you take a day off. It was a very Dedicated resume and if you wanted to be an olympian and olympic gold medalist. This is the kind of stuff you had to do. I do want to I guess we have to address what was sort of explicitly said the movie and not but in the spring of eighty six. A wealthy philanthropist and donor make some efforts to try to reach mark. The man of course is john dupont. He wants to recruit mark And try to make him a wrestling coach at villanova university. And this is where they maybe take some creative liberties with the actual events. I guess helped the movie flow a little better but years before the whole foxcatcher thing happens. He's trying dupont is trying to put together a wrestling program and its unsuccessful and on christmas day dupont. Fired mark like on christmas day. This is a weird story. When wendy you i hear of this new pont character. Well i didn't know that. John tried to start to club before one thousand nine hundred eighty six. I thought that mark joined and mark was a part of it For a year. Before dave joined on so i'm not sure about the beginning of the club a when john one started or when he fired mark i know that mark left in foxcatcher and that was i. Think in nineteen eighty eight Right after the olympics yet a very poor olympic performance and had a lot to do with john All over John was obsessed with mark. He didn't want to leave him go. He was always around him. you know Suffocating them just got on mark's nerves and mark was the kind of guided. You didn't wanna get on his nerves. He had a short temper. So you know with with John just trying to be around him all the time and trying to gloat about. Hey i'm with mark schultz and you know it just got really old for mark mark. Just decide he was on with it and this is around time. Dave john dupont. Contacted dave as well to be a coach at fox catcher so Mark.

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