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The website, Dr Miller. I want to mention a few times but give give the website if you'll be so kind just so that people can even as we're talking, check out and follow along. Well, I don't have a website, but I have an email address, E mail address and anyone who would like to send questions evidence. It's lime Miami. Diagnosis. Camp. Gmail dot com. Again. I use the wrong phrase when he said a website. The thing that that is amazing about this is that people get in contact with you, and he actually answers your questions. It's is an incredible guy. If someone is diagnosed a cz having lying disease, and there's all sorts of questions about false positives and false negatives with which we can get into. But if someone thinks that they have had that they have contracted Lyme disease. Mom. Water doctors. They're going to put him on a treatment, which you think is inadequate. Why? And tell us what you advocate OK. The most critical factor is the interval between the time of the inoculation between the time of the tick bite. And the time that the actual treatment has begun. Now in terms of making a diagnosis. Of course, If you see the typical skin lesion, it's it's easier to make the diagnosis. And that's that. The so called bullseye, right? Is that exactly Okay. Exactly. Now, the blood tests are typically measuring antibodies the body's production of antibodies against the organism, so Early on, when the right after the inoculation that right after the tick bite you mean system hasn't had has not had an opportunity to produce antibodies, so any testing very early will be invalid. And the The interval. If the inoculation occurs, and the treatment has begun within the first, let's say 60 to 90 days. The organism is readily available and will be susceptible to the antibiotic and it's important to understand the different bacteria consume the antibiotic. At different intervals and and the the end of the bacteria always consumed the antibiotic during the reproductive cycle and reproductive cycle of the spiral. Kaede is typically Every 28 days. So therefore In the acute infection, the patient must be treated long enough. To bracket the entire 28 days. So if the doctor prescribed the medication typically Ah, the current, uh, suggest that treatment is Dr Cycling. 100 milligrams twice a day, and it's been shown in various studies that it requires 400 milligrams a day. That's 200 milligrams twice a day. And the typical treatment duration Now is 14 days. So you go to the doctor, you get your doctor exactly 100 milligrams twice a day for 14 days and the story That's that's not adequate. You haven't covered all of those bacteria because they're not all consuming it during at 14 days, so the minimum would be 200 milligrams twice a day of the doctor's cycling. If the patient can't tolerate doxycycline, there are alternatives. And the duration of the treatment must be a minimum of 28 days. I like to extend it a little bit longer to give the medication adequate time to build up a blood level so you might go up to 40 days, 45 days. After the 1st 3 months of the infection, the organism can become a cyst and that's become sequestered, hiding deep deep into the tissue. And that sister is Impenetrable to an antibiotic. So you Khun treat that patient with antibiotics, And if that says closed, the antibiotics cannot penetrate. In that situation. It's very, very critical that the patient has to be treated with One drug toe, open assists and the second drug to kill the spire. Kaede now if the infection has been of a great, very long duration. That cystic structure is so buried that the immune system is no longer being challenged. And there are no antibodies produced and you mentioned the man from England and this is very important for your audience. To understand man from England contacted me. He has a neurodegenerative disease. I knew From his description that he had to have a positive test, but his initial tests were negative. Why? Because he wasn't producing antibodies, so I asked him to please take Provocative antibiotics for 21 days to bring out that organism and expose it to his immune system, which he did when you say proves exact same tests, Same laboratory and now the test was positive. And when and when you say, provocative treatment? Can you break that down so that I understand that my audit My audience understands that okay, the their two medications. One has to be what I call A cyst buster toe open that, sis. And there. The typical is flat jewel or a derivative of fragile called Tendo, Max. And it's usually 500 milligrams once a day. Providing the patient can tolerate it and with their doctor's approval, so that flatulent the tender Max opens. This is And then the next drug goes in and and actually killed. The Sparky brings it out. And that could be zip through my sin. You know the typical Z Pak 500 milligrams a day. So if you take five milligrams of flag of 500 milligrams, if horizon for 21 days and then get the test, in fact, then I don't even recommended patients be tested. Without pretest, provocative antibiotics. Otherwise, you're going to get a slew of The tests are negative, false name, really? Which is going to give you Ah, false sense of security. And if you can hear, because we only got a couple of minutes before the break. You have have taught me over over time and and have led me to understand and believe that a lot of the neural degenerative diseases that people deal with and develop, including things is a serious and his debilitating is less. Look, Eric disease could be caused by Pick a lime disease, which is not treated. My absolutely correctly. That's very, very, very important depending upon which organ the spire Kaede invades. If it invades the nervous system, you're gonna end up with the neurodegenerative diseases. Ah, Alice is a good example. You know. Lou Gehrig played baseball before he went to the Yankees. He played for the Hartford senators in Hartford, Connecticut, 50 miles from Lyme, Connecticut. And he had a house with a little garden. And that was his relaxation. Well, I feel very confident that that's how he got the sparky infection. But other illnesses, specifically multiple sclerosis, dementia, Parkinson's Any of the motor neuron disease is they can all the result of the infection. Other organs in the body can also be involved. If it involves different parts of the brain. You can have mental illness. Everything from schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression rage, chronic fatigue syndrome. Uh And if it invades the cardiovascular system, you can get a vasculitis. Sometimes the first manifestation of the infection is a stroke. The patient has a stroke or it if invades the heart. They get a heart block. They come in with the hard block. It can invade the nerves in the lower extremities. Patients will have a peripheral neuropathy There goes, the doctor says. Get the diagnosis of prayer from their offices..

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