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Could far out two million views. Different strokes okay. What here's my angle on this casting right. First of all did not know. She acted but i think that. That's like literally why she might be successful is because she's such a who in the mainstream this like acting thing in this big movies. Weird will not seem weird if anything like nobody will focus that. She's a singer to like and that is perfect. Like there's no distraction. She's obviously good. She obviously auditioned like person. Because i don't think she was hired from clout like i think she auditioned and was good. That's it seems like that's the case. Here right maybe. It helped her. Get in the door for an audition. But i don't think that this got her job is that she's like this pop singer that is critically loved but not very popular right. They don't care about that necessarily so. I think that this is like why this is such a good pick and why she might really launched an acting career off of this if she wanted a big one. She's acted in that. I just we were just talking about good turned up. Charlie turn up. Charlie yourself as a dj. She's been in a couple episodes of that. Okay it was a netflix show. So like she's acted before but not a whole lot and so this is like her big acting break. And it's huge. Because it's john wick. Four and these movies are huge huge. She playing his daughter. She must be playing his daughter or something. Like google assembled daughter show. She could be a villain remember when ruby rosanna john wick movie. She's villain like she could easily be a village be like his partner like holly berry was in one and that was a big deal. Like ruby rose you. You never know. We won't know until it comes out but the point is it's very high profile. Got a lot of headlines for this yet. I think it was like unexpected but in a great way was like oh she's gonna kill you know it wasn't even like a grown. It was like this girl is clearly a triple threat. You know this girl is clearly got it. And i think because of her being a little bit under the radar that she has more chance than anyone to turn this into something. She's not just like britney spears and crossroads. It's like that everybody like safra votes again. But don't mean like everyone's crossroads and was like woo britney spears and crossroads like this is not maybe this th- rena can actually play a role. She can actually act and be taken seriously. I suspect she can. She like her and her videos. Remind me of a dimension to exergen whether just like very artful yeah vary like performance based and acting seems like an obvious step for her. Here's a really quick quiz. So they get really bummed me out. Is that in the newest version of spotify. They put serena. I don't these quizzes. Yeah i don't like this is really really easy. Three leagues bobby. Number number number. But who has more monthly listeners. Bb rexha or rena saw yama pb. Rexha for sure because meant to be was a number one And i and. Unfortunately i think rina's had a number one like that and like maybe rex. Who has twenty seven million monthly listeners. Rena salvo yama has to me must also. Bb's plan the wall off or july party and rina's and john wick movie so to clearly you have different paths as different types of artists so levels of who. Yeah you know mind you both things. I respect absolutely playing the wobble. Fourth of july starring. In john wick to me. Those are both lucrative so i had my first like house guest like while i was away. Somebody stayed here which was so nice. Go don't think i've ever had an apartment where i felt comfortable doing that. I don't know never had a bad apartment but more just like somebody would wanna stay here. And i'm like so happy for the mistake like water. My plants like it made sense. You know for somebody to stay here. While i was away and they actually really enjoyed staying here and one of the things they said was like. Oh your your bed is comfortable. Or whatever and i was like. Oh what an honor actually. It's a helix mattress. I got it from this podcast. Add in that. Made me feel really special. But ultimately that i was like i know i have a frigging comfortable mattress because i also see better.

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