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Well, Phillip was trying to convince tribes historically hostile towards him to come and fight a common English threat. They English were doing exactly the opposite. They wanted to keep the war small and contained the goal. Therefore of the English was to get Indian tribes to join their cause and come fight for them. Doing this with both Deny Philip, additional manpower and firepower well at the same time, keeping as many of those guns as possible under English control, however, recognizing the getting Indian tribes to fight for them was going to be a hard sell. The English were for the most part. Okay, accepted promise of neutrality. Well there is always concerns with neutrality net. The parties might not be as neutral as you'd like. It is still better than having tribes become openly belligerent. The first troops from the Massachusetts colony were ready to join the action by the end of Judo Sixteen. Seventy five. What would initially follow were a few minor attempts to inflict some damage on the local pokanoka tribe. On June thirtieth an army under the command of Thomas Savage swept the peninsula, looking not only for the pokanoka tribe, but their leader bill up. What he found was distressing. And what is this distressing that he did find well. He found absolutely nothing. As it turns out the up and the POKANOKA people had managed to get out sometime before. Now as just a quick note, if you are wondering what Philip is doing with the Pokanoka people instead of the woman, no ad please know that these two tracks were very very close through the marriage of Philip's brother, the Pokanoka tribe and the woman Agua amongst the closest allies with each other, so hopefully that will help. Clear up what Philip was doing with the Boca people. Let us appearance of Philip, and the POKANOKA presidency twofold problem. At the most basic level it means that Philip is now gone. In a perfect World Phillip would be trapped on the peninsula. E would be quickly captured, and the entire war will be brought to a fast end. The second problem is that Phillips absence meant that he had not only escaped, but he'd likely had a chance to get into neighbouring groups and grow forces Philip is not going to evacuate into enemy territory, but rather is going to head somewhere. That is already friendly towards him. And now it is time to introduce one of the main themes of King Philip's war, complete incompetence and mismanagement. Salvage for his part knew exactly where Philip was kinda short, but there was still a chance that he could have been intercepted in the were voided, so of course he gave pursuit right..

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