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And so he'll answer all these questions about being like this promiscuous guy. And he's like, look he goes at one point. I'm watching it is like all these people that he's dated. And he goes listen to me, I dated five, you know. Dated five, you know. Because that's it. Because I'm in my basement doing a show on. Sara friends. What do you think? Where do you think my interests are? It was a really good lake. He's dated five. You know? He's super funny. He's super good. He's amazingly drain. But also I saw him with Grateful Dead. We win some with Greg. And it was really. Was the band manager. So we went back there, and we were like talking and everything and he's all sixty. Yeah. Yes. I was carried. That's what he said on the Instagram. She goes, I dated five, you know, except for Elliott Morgan, you know, the sixth. Oh, human guys. I got Kate Winslet. Really? I mean, that's a great big at. But also look at this face. There's no way that I look like any of these people. Schull? Is to be a really like really low level celebrity and then out of nowhere. Thanks to pop sugar. You're at mentions or filled with a bunch of people who were you idiot. I don't even know who this person is Emily blunt really gets me. Good. And I don't know who Charlotte Sullivan as but I'll take her as well. John mayer. This isn't even talk about Joe mayor all of like, John Mayer is funny. Did it today? We forget that he's one of the best guitar players on the planet washes show is actually does he play he'll play music. He'll he's it's fantastic was prodigy. I remember when he was when I was in college. I it was just drama airs every song of is is like legit phenomenal. Like, he's a very good song. It's the one that just came out with with the hilarious video. New new light. News that we were in Namur d- with that video and song when it came out. Right. When we got this office in it's one of those memories that has burned into my my gray matter like I will associate valley folk with that song in that video which is really cool because I have one source that I associate that time with a lot of muse a lot of a A lot lot of of. fighters came out, white limo. This is great. And then I remember vividly Joe saying that Coldplay messaged or like coal place talked about star light. And it was like this is one of the best songs of our generation Joe play year was that we're talking about muses two thousand was the band. Music news, maybe like supremacy. I think maybe the big single styling. So it's not called Starlight uprising the upper..

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