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And that was the same day that the Texans traded DeAndre Hopkins for a second round pick and David Johnson. The Bills later on that day, traded a whole lot more than that. For Stefan Diggs, who up until this year and not accomplished nearly as much. Has DeAndre Hopkins had what was the talk that day when they traded all those picks for Stefan Diggs? Well, I mean, I think the talk was Bill O'Brien is a dope. I mean, what are you doing, You know, trading DeAndre Hopkins for a second round pick and David Johnson. I mean, I don't even think that that's a fair comparison. Just because You know that trade was so one sided in favor of the Cardinals that it's Repair. Now to your point. I think there were some people that said Boy bills paid a pity. Pretty big price for a receiver. Who you know, seven days was obviously town. Anybody that watched him in Minnesota knew that, but You know, there was some questions about what kind of a teammate he would be coming to Buffalo. You know, he had some issues. It seemed like with his quarterback there in Minnesota and in terms of the off the field. You know, Question marks. You know, that has not been an issue at all. Now, Of course, when you're targeted 160 times in a game or in a season, you're gonna be happy as a receiver, right? We haven't seen Stefan Diggs go through any real adversity in his first year with the bells, but I think from a talent perspective, what Stefan Diggs brings. He's an excellent route runner and he can make contested catches and going back to what I said earlier about Josh Allen, who is not gonna be Drew Brees in terms of his accuracy, having a court Ah, wide receiver. You can make some tough catches to help your quarterback at times just made it a perfect fit. So, yeah, I think the initial reaction to the trade was boy. The bills, you know, paid a pretty steep price here, but This is one of the true win win trades in NFL history. I mean, you can look at this in both sides could make a very strong case that they won their their end of the deal. Yeah, I know the and you make great points, and that's kind of the reason I was asking like we wear. Our reaction was pointed Bill O'Brien even call the bills to see if they wanted DeAndre Hopkins. He just gave up first, the fifth of six and a seven for step on digs. Um, J J Scarcity of the Buffalo News. Joining me. Um, J does. Does Josh Alan get a new contract after this season is over. Yeah. I mean, I think so. I don't. I don't really know why you'd wait. If you were the bills. I mean, you know, I think he's proven, you know, pretty much everything you want to see. Now, Obviously, there's a lot left to accomplish here if they were able to beat the Chiefs that they are able to get into the Super Bowl, that kind of thing. Maybe takes any sort of question out of No, I think that they're gonna do everything that they can to try to re sign him, and I will say that you know everything that I know about Josh on everything he's said public. We have every reason to believe that he wants to be a Buffalo bill for the rest of his career. It's been a perfect fit for her for him in terms of community in terms of, you know, just what he is meant. To the team. He seems to genuinely enjoy being in buffalo. I don't see anything really standing in the way of both sides wanting T O get an extension. Don't assume is this offseason? Jay, Are you surprised that it's Leslie Frazier, who's the coordinator That might be the finalist for an opening as a head coach and not Brian Day Ball? But I mean, you know, that's just the way that the league has trended toe offense. And certainly when you look at the impact of Brian Day Ball has had on Joshy Ellen in the relationship that they've formed. Theo improvements that he's made. You know, you would want that trait in a head coach in most places. Now, if Houston is a little bit different, you know they've got a proven franchise quarterback. Now we'll see for how long With the show in Lawson, but it's not like somebody where you had to come in and develop necessarily. That's why I thought Brian Day Ball was going to be. Ah, perfect fit for the Chargers. Quite frankly, I'm still surprised you didn't get that job with Justin Herbert, but you know, in terms of Leslie Frazier much different Sort of candidate. Obviously a guy who's got head coaching experience before a steady presence for the bills, never going to see him get too high or too low. Professional in every sense, and he has done a very, very good job with the bills. But when you consider that ultimately this is Sean McDermott, defense of former defensive coordinator I do think that you know if you were going to name one at the end of the regular season, the coordinator that the bills would be more likely to lose. I think most people would have said Dave Ball. Yeah, I would imagine people of their probably breathing a big sigh of relief that day balls coming back next year, right? Yeah, absolutely. I mean, you know, the longer you can keep a quarterback and a, uh and his offensive coordinator together in the same system. I think it's it's beneficial for Joshy Ellen so that that is a big No. I would fully expect that if the bills were able to have similar success that we're having the same conversation about Brian Day Ball being Ah, potential head coaching candidate again next year, But yes, to have him coming back is is a big thing for Josh Alan and for the Bills. Jace Kirsty Buffalo News. Join me J before I get you out of here is you touched on earlier? The bills have probably been the more impressive of these two teams over the second half of the season there A Hail Mary away from sitting on a really, really long winning streak. Right now. Meanwhile, the Chiefs have won a bunch of games, but they've been a lot closer. What's the key today for the bills to come out of there with a victory? Well, I mean, you go into a game against Patrick moms. You think you're gonna have to score. I think the bills we're gonna have to get close to their Steven. He's an average in points. I think you know if they could get the 30 I think that really like their chances, You know, maybe something like 27. Might might get it done. But you know, offensively they gotta finish. Dr. Jones. I know that sounds rather obvious, but you know, you can't go into a game thinking 17 or 2021 points is going to get it done..

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