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That is music for cello and electron IX by Graham Reynolds. His piece is called the brain and features the cellist Jeffrey Ziegler, it's called the brain. Because it is inspired by the work of the Texas based neuroscientist, Kristen Harris, and it comes from a project called the sound of science which Jeffrey Ziegler is performing here in New York. Tomorrow night at national sawdust. We're getting a chance to hear several excerpts from this project during the course of this hour of music inspired by the sciences on this edition of new sounds. We'll listen next to collaborative work by Jobe, Talbot English composer, and the L A producer known as Devereux real name Benjamin Wynn. The two of them got together. A few years back to write an electro acoustic score for a Wayne McGregor ballet called genus, which is a celebration of Charles Darwin's discovery of the theory of evolution the peaceful here is called the great tree of life. And during the course of the score the music involves there's a choir ten break from England and a string quartet the Duke. Coretec also from England, but their sound is transformed by electronics, and then towards the end of the peace here, you finally get a chance to hear those sounds in their natural state, again, Jobe Talbot and Devereux and this piece called the great tree of life from their ballet score genus..

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