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Com restrictions apply this is one A. on Todd's will like in for Joshua Joshua Johnson in Washington fifty years ago at this very moment police in Los Angeles. We're on the hunt for the perpetrators of two horrific murder scenes now now one month before on a night in August in nineteen sixty nine. The followers of an ex con named Charles Manson brutally killed five people in a house on Cielo drive. Dr Including actress Sharon Tate who was eight and a half months pregnant Jay sebring watch for caskey Abigail folder and eighteen year old. Stephen Parent died as well that night the next night across town. The Manson family killed a grocery store chain owner Leno Labianca and his wife Rosemary. The country was upended. d- by these murders the image of flower child hippies morphing into fears of drug addled violent counterculture inosine described by one investigator gator is reminiscent of the weird religious right five persons including actress Sharon Tate were found dead. Mistake was eight months pregnant and was found with a rope around her neck. Jack attached to the body of a man. They were discovered this morning by a maid who ran screaming to neighbors. One officer summed up the murderers when he said in all my years. I I have never seen anything like this before that was a newscast from CBS News nineteen sixty nine in August the aftermath of the Cielo drive murders fifty years later Manson and his cult remain a symbol of brutal American violence and the Ugly Final Act of the nineteen sixties now some of you who were alive during those murder her shared with us what you remember about those times hi my name is Maria right after the Manson murders. I was in the library in my in middle school and I happened to be looking at life magazine and they had photos of the murder scene. I never I got them. They haunted me for years. I wish I would have never seen those pictures. My name is Jim. I live in Chapel Hill North Carolina my wife and I you were born in sixty five sixty. Seven one thing we had in common was that is children. We both were terribly frightened by Charles Manson. He was the boogeyman. Would you man for many of us. In our generation high this cat I was about about the third grade when that happened and I remember dominating the National National News and we had a little black and white TV and it was always the at Phnom War footage and Charles Manson's image really that event left such an indelible little impression the Sharon tate murder. It seems that Charles Manson is haunting. Image is just sort of here into my brain is the epitome of evil. Thank Beauty Maria and to Jim and cat for leaving US those voicemails you know Charles Manson became famous after those horrible murders and many of us and I count myself in this camp became fascinated with Manson murders. It's important to remember in discussions about Charles Manson and in this one that this was an American tragedy not not just a true crime thriller but a real American tragedy but here's the question now. What if the infamous story that we all thought we knew about Charles Manson in the family isn't the whole Truth Investigative Reporter Puerto Author. Tom O'Neil spent twenty years filling in the gaps of a narrative that's held up for decades about the Manson family and those murders including what motivated them it's all in his new book chaos Charles Manson the CIA and the secret history of the sixty S. Tom O'Neil joins me now from. whyy in Philadelphia Tom O'Neil what a pleasure Thanks for having me and thanks for being here Tom. I I gave some details about the Manson murders what America remembers about them some of the sketchy details as we start it off your described. The story of the murders that America came to accept why they happened. What is it that we believe about these murders. While the official narrative of the story that was presented by the prosecutor Events Pelosi trial then later in his bestselling book helter skelter was that Manson had prophesized a race were that was going to end in the complete termination of the white race with the blacks prevailing he called helter skelter based on biblical typical prophecies and of course the Beatles Song of the same name when the race war wasn't happening soon enough he ordered his followers who are completely lately loyal to him by that point to go out and kill strangers that represented society and represented success that he felt had rejected him his whole life and they were supposed to leave science as he he told them to implicate the Black Panthers so the first night burgers that you described with Sharon tate and four others they left pig written on blood at the State House the Second Night at the La Bianca home and let's feel as they left helter skelter written in blood on the refrigerator death to pigs rise other words and blood at the house Manson had promised his followers that he had located a bottomless pit in the desert and Death Valley where he would protect them during this race war and he said there were rivers of honey and twelve trees trees twelve different kinds of fruits after the race war or ended after the blacks had prevailed he would emerge from that whole with his family and subjugate the black race and replenish she earth with his perfect offspring. That's why the murders were committed. According to the official narrative now let's go back to the time once again you mentioned. Vincent Bugliosi the prosecutor who eventually really put Charles Manson and the family in jail here's bouillaud talking to the press in July of nineteen seventy two ignite helter skelter to start the black white revolution Manson Manson envisioned that white people would turn against the black man if they thought the black men at committed these seven murders and ultimately there would be a civil war between blacks and whites on the street. Manson foresaw that the black man would win this war but later on he said the black man because of inexperience would simply not be able to handle the reins of power so we'd have to look around on at those white people who had survived let escape from helter skelter in other words turn over the reigns of power to Charles Manson and his family why the lobby yonkers and the person's imitate Tate House. Why were they selected by Manson as well. You have to realize that if you're going to have a bizarre Motorola motive like this doesn't really make any difference who the victims are Vincent Bugliosi the prosecutor talking to reporters Tom. O'Neil Vincent Bugliosi put the members of the family in prison he just gave the helter skelter shelter narrative the race war narrative how did this narrative become cemented in the American consciousness well for anyone who followed the trial got more coverage virgin any trial and the history of the United States to that point and probably up until the OJ trial they would have learned about it there but the the book helter skelter that came out in nineteen in seventy four to this day is the best selling true crime book of all time and that really cemented it in in the public consciousness also there was a TV movie Nine Hundred Seventy six based on the book that went over two nights and that was at the time the highest rated TV movie of all time so it became kind of a fixture in popular culture. That's still more or less exist to this day. What's the problem with this narrative well as bullying. OC admitted two or three times in interviews Manson never ever believed that motive unfortunately he never admitted this to me when I was interviewing him when I found out he had said this and earlier interviews he wasn't speaking to me anymore. He was threatening pretty extensive lawsuits and civil action against me so I couldn't ask him if Manson didn't order these murders to ignite a race war than what was the reason he sent his followers to kill the people that they killed the motive falls apart with that and then with the evidence that I uncovered like you said over twenty years of getting documents and original reports from different agencies sheriff's Office Los Angeles Police Department federal files barely tweets this. Please please please please stop referring to Charles Manson as a hippie. He was nothing of the kind the only thing that made him remotely similar to hippies was his long scraggly hair. He was a psychopath path cult leader and nothing more I think that points Tom O'Neil to Charles Manson's place in the violent close of the sixties. He's the protests against violence in Vietnam and and the civil rights movement raging protests and riots raging in American streets Charles Manson and his violent Oakland family have become entrenched in the American consciousness ever since nineteen sixty nine. What do you think it says about us that we're still talking about Charles Manson today and that Charles Charles Manson became an obsession for you. I think Vince Baliles did a really good job propagandizing Charles Manson and the family and your callers is correct. Manson didn't consider himself a hippie he called them he and his followers slippy because they slipped in and out of people's homes and stole things and I did things he had a real disdain for hippies he wasn't about peace and love he was a violent racist and I the life magazine cover that another caller mentioned with that picture of the crime scene was followed three months later by this terrifying photo of Manson on the cover of life looking for all intents and purposes like Satan so that kind of became ingrained in the public consciousness and with that the sixties. Xt's and the Hippie movement also became attached to Manson's face Manson's followers everybody just kind of combine that altogether and as he said he Manson was a metaphor for evil hippies were dangerous the sixties and the free love and and drug lifestyle was something that could create something like what happened on August eighth nineteen sixty nine. We're going to talk a lot more about Vincent Bugliosi. He interacts with you at so many points in the story. How much money did he make off of the sale of helter skelter. I never found that out. I don't know I imagine quite a bit though still bestselling I mean you've gotTa be envious best selling true crime book of all time time even if there are major holes in the story which we're GonNa talk about right right right. I'm speaking with Tom O'Neil. He's author of chaos Charles Manson the CIA and the secret history of the sixties and we're GonNa talk about all of those things in the subtitle on Todd's glad to be with you you're listening to.

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