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**** will not be confirmed to the post on a permanent basis the governor had appointed **** to lead the agency last September state lawmakers however have raised questions about Cox's qualifications and the agency spending during the coded nineteen pandemic president trump promising coronavirus relief to the state's worth up to eleven billion dollars here's Tom pyro that eleven billion dollars headed to states to help them expand their testing capabilities the White House pointing out that the US will do twice the per capita testing rate of South Korea widely touted as a testing leader this major investment will ensure that America continues to conduct more tests than any country on earth by far I said from the beginning that the federal government would back up the stage and help them build their testing capability and capacities and that's exactly what's happened the White House working with the FDA to fast track many of these tests including antibody test this as members of the coronavirus task force told the nation's governors at the White House is recommending all nursing home residents and workers get tested in the next two weeks the number of covert nineteen cases in Oklahoma is growing twenty four new cases were confirmed yesterday bringing the statewide total to four thousand six hundred thirteen more than thirty two hundred have recovered the code nineteen death count stands at two hundred seventy four in Oklahoma White House staffers are now required to wear masks while at work this after two staffers close to president trump and vice president pence tested positive for covert nineteen one is a presidential ballet the other is pence's press secretary Katie Miller the wife of senior White House adviser Stephen Miller nearly forty three million Americans are at risk of losing their health insurance from.

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