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Here I am. any questions and a lot of us laughed because if you know Kyle you know you've got that in a. if you move out of the crib. you know I didn't know that it was going to go viral and circle the audience of but is that standard protocol is that you don't have a live video being shot in a locked room unless you've got full certainty that nobody's privacy is being affected I mean I thought that was. are you and the Vikings P. when **** when we saw all of your account. I was not but I'm very aware of the. but I mean that's that's that's old fashioned thinking this is two thousand nineteen that's true take a live video wherever you want whenever you can. and back in the day they were taking polaroids inside the locker room now they've got lives going on yeah but it's on the **** stuff is just that's coaching right I mean you're you're gonna coach your quarterback hard. is it better I mean these are are the most important guys in the organization right now they've got to keep themselves moving forward and pushing each other and making sure that this office makes progress like I said I tweeted a little while ago this offense last night good enough to be a really bad team on the road in their you know quote unquote rogaine which really was a pretty much a home game in a and the life was stadium but when we get into that of a meaningful action you know not too long from now this often better be way better if we're gonna continue this this talk about the best man at the front of the post season and so that's up to match it to get the most out a match and sometime you gotta builders cabinets up sometimes you got to push something I've got to figure out which way to twist and turn those now that I think is really really good at it and and which is really really receptive to it and so the the pairing in terms of the pond in the report the relationship they have I've never had a problem with that now they just got to figure out a way to turn that into it the more I read his lips did you read his lips she said I want you to really gross interception when this play go. then use it. yeah I mean. that is that you can make the argument that the Jews were slaves even easily I mean it was just a bad. well the the the interception in the red zone at the end of the game against the Packers I think because of what was on the line as time you say the only the only thing that works is the situation of that era actual place if you change the scores you would say oh my god you know and and this is this is a learning process of the skin they got to figure out a way to put that seems like that away and and and throwing an interception gave the Redskins life. obviously a better team to make sure that they didn't get too much life but but a good team turn that into a come from behind win and and we got a whole different set of crisis on our hands hi Dan good stuff thank you. I got stuck there there you go Dan leader by the way a reminder what days today Tuesday today's Tuesday Thursday Thursday we're going to be at the horseshoe casino the brand new the book at your shoe casino if you're out northwest Indiana comes to your buddies waddling so be our first ever of sports book live broadcast and they're doing it right at horseshoe Hammond will be there from two to six it's the brand new the book and it is awesome and we can't wait to be there if you want to weigh in and talks and there's with us we have some phone lines that are clear right now three one two three three two three seven seven six couple things on the cops Anthony Rizzo was ask is he looking forward to a possible managerial change his answer coming up next and a member of the cubs was suspended today for doing something weird details of that next as well swaddling Sylvia and ESPN one thousand..

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