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And during a visit to another border city in Arizona, encouraged congress to do more to enhance border security, Laura Padeshah reporting Nielsen says she'll stay on the job until Wednesday. The search for a man involved in an armed standoff in Sarasota county is over deputies early this morning found twenty five year old Jeremy Nyberg on Cortlandt street in Sarasota is arrest came after an eleven hour standoff yesterday afternoon on bacon avenue after an apparent domestic. Dispute deputies believed NYPD threatened to shoot a man and a woman and then himself they escaped and called nine one one. He locked himself inside the home as the swat team entered. He was gone, but he was arrested a little time after one this morning. A man is hurt after he was hit by a car and then shot in Pinellas county. The man was hit last night in Largo on wall. Seeing road by Jeep that fled the scene vomits later someone else shot the man, but the two incidents are not believed to be connected. The alleged shooter was arrested. The driver remains at large drunk driving suspected in a crash that killed a teenager and hurt three others in Sarasota county. Nineteen year old Stephanie Everard was apparently drunk when she flipped her SUV over the weekend and northport on Joe would circle in Yorkshire a seventeen year old passenger was killed three others were hurt including two that were airlifted the hospital. No word yet on their conditions. Friends say that the girl who died was a junior at northport high school and. An aspiring actress at the Pinellas county trial of a man who claims insanity arguments are continuing over whether prosecutors can call a witness who might label him a psychopath the issue arose over one of the state's experts who gave John John Chuck tests that measure psychopathic traits, which John tux defense says could undercut its argument that John Chuck was insane. When he dropped his five year old daughter to her death of a Pinellas county bridge in two thousand fifteen but prosecutor Paul Boland disagreed saying this was saying because he's judge Chris hellinger sided with the defense against any reference to John Chuck's possible. Psychopathy she also dealt another blow to prosecutors when she ruled that a payroll legal who spoke to John took the day. He killed his daughter cannot testify that he told her, quote, if I can't have her no one can the state will call rebuttal witnesses before closing arguments. I'm John McQuillan. The mayor of ocala's facing backlash after signing a proclamation declaring, April twenty-sixth. Confederate Memorial Day. He presented the proclamation at a city council meeting last week, and despite a going into effect without a council vote required. Can't Gwen says he has no plans to resign despite the controversy. Commissioners in Marion county approved a confederate Memorial Day proclamation last month, some Hillsborough county students are credited with naming one of Florida aquarium's newest arrivals fifth graders at Kimball elementary school were recently named as the winners of a contest name a loggerhead sea. Turtle. They came up with the name Sheldon with two L's as a reward the students want to field trip to the aquarium to meet, Sheldon and other fish. It's six oh, four NewsRadio. WFL? A this is a Bloomberg market minute. Another job market indicator is on the way this morning. The Conference Board will release its employees trends index which can offer clues to the pace of hiring in the months ahead. Stocks ended last week with an obsession some economists. Warning, there could be more volatility ahead. Mark Vitner of Wells Fargo says. There's a lot of uncertainty in the world. Outbreak is going to play out. We've got a lot of elections coming up in Europe and China trade deal, which was looking promising. Look promising before bowing will cut production of at seven thirty seven max jets by nearly twenty percent the planes occurrence grounded after a pair of crashes mowing says the problems with the seven thirty seven will be corrected and the planes will be made safe. We're into the home stretch. If you still haven't filed your taxes and Accountemps survey suggests a lot of workers prepare their returns while they're at work more than forty percent of respondents say that is common. The earnings reporting season picks up at the end of this week with big banks opening their books. Jeff Bellinger, Bloomberg radio.

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